First Birthday Cake!

Kristy - posted on 11/29/2008 ( 9 moms have responded )




Does anyone have any good ideas for my little girls first Birthday cake? The theme for her party is pink and I want her cake to be pretty and girlie but am stuck for any good ideas?!

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Clare-maree - posted on 12/01/2008




I'm a cake decorator and i can tell you most Mum's go for cup cakes for the littlies because they are very cute and easy to make and decorate. Definitly try Google to have a look at other girly cakes, they have some great sites on cake decorating. You can buy soft edible flowers and edible glitter to make them pretty too.

Shannon - posted on 11/29/2008




Cupcakes is a great idea! No cutting or plates.

I also had done precious moments, it turned out great.

Do you have a cake decorating store nearby? You could always just browse the store to see what jumps out to you. Some places will rent out cake pans, so you dont have to buy it for one use.

Can't get much more girlie than a pink crown! Piglet is pink and cute. A great big # 1 that is pink with little flowers or something would be cute too! The options are endless!

I bet you could even google "first birthday cakes" and get tons of ideas.

Stacey - posted on 11/29/2008




If you have a Hobby Lobby where you are from, there is a set to make a castle cake.... it stands up and is a whole castle. I want to try to make it for my little girl's first bday. I'm going to practice it a few times before the party to learn how to do it right. If I can't then I will pay someone more talented than myself to do it. It sounds like you're planning the kind of party I hope to have. Girlie and pink... fit for a princess!

Carmen - posted on 11/29/2008




You can go to a Cake shop, ask them if they can make the cake with her First photo of her cute face on her First Birthday cake. I have seen my friend doing this for all her 3 kids when they are 1st Birthday. Lovely Cake with thin sweet paper photo on the top of the cake.

Rachael - posted on 11/29/2008




We are doing a princess party for our little girls first and her cake is going to be a mini three tiered cake (miniature wedding cake) all pink and sparkly! The bottom layer is going to be about 6" round and then smaller as it gets to the top layer. Another cute idea is in most craft stores they sell specialty cake pans and there is a cake pan that is a giant cupcake.

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