Gestational Diabetes

Melody - posted on 11/10/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Im 31 weeks pregnant with my second child and was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I did not have it with my first child.

Just wondering about other moms that have dealt with this & what was your experience like? Delivery? Babies health & weight? Did you have diabetes after your pregnancy? What kind of things were you able to eat? Etc.


Melly - posted on 11/10/2010




Hi Melody, Congrats on the pregnancy, bummer about the diabetes though. For me personally it was hell, and I hope next pregnancy I dont get it, but if i do I will be going in to it with a different take on things. The first 2 weeks after being diagnosed they were trying to see how I went controlling it with diet. The foods I was meant to be eating (which is Low G.I. foods) were making my readings higher. I basically couldnt eat anything that was meant to be good for me, so they put me on insulin, because of the high readings. They said that my baby would be big, because of my high readings, and the insulin was not doing much, except for first thing in the morning my blood sugar was so extermely low, i had to have lollies before i even got out of bed just so I didnt pass out. At 37 weeks they did a scan which said my baby was big, and they said they wanted to induce me before my due date. Me not knowing any better, agreed with this, and i was booked in to be induced on the 2nd (i was due on the 8th). Then 17 hours of full on contractions later, i was taken for an emergency c-sect. Then after he was born I was informed that because i took the levels of insulin I took, my baby would need to be taken to the special care nursery for feeding and monitoring. I didnt even get to hold him, finally 12 hours after having my baby i finally got to see him. Oh and my HUGE baby that had to be delivered early so there were no complications, weighed 6pound 11oz, healthy as anything........ Within 24 hours of having Liam my blood sugar readings were back to normal, and 6 weeks after got the all clear on the Glucose Tolerance Test.

Next time i will not take insulin, or be induced!

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Sarh - posted on 11/11/2010




Was your first child a big baby (over 9lbs)? My daughter was 9lbs 13.5oz, so they assumed I would have gestational diabetes w/my bubby, but I did not. I however had some type of sugars high and the dietitian/nutritionist was very confused about how those sugars were high, but I didn't have gestational diabetes. I seen in your other comment that you are going to be taking a class for it. That should help a lot! I did not have that available, but I would suggest seeing a dietitian who can give you a meal plan type thing and help you w/what you need to eliminate and what you can continue to eat and drink.
Good luck and congrats!

Jessi - posted on 11/10/2010




I am a first time mother and had it. it is very hard. It made my feet swell way worse, and it was crappy. it didn't make my delivery any harder. i would say i had an easy labor. i only pushed for 2 hours! But my baby was very healthy, we got to leave the hospital early. It did effect her weight though. She was born 10 lbs. 1 oz.!! no c-section with her! After delivery I no longer had it but my dr said that if u have it during pregnancy that u have a better chance of being diabetic later in life if u don't maintain a healthy lifestyle! I had to see a dietitian because my baby was so big! They cut me back on my carbs and made me take blood sugar tests 4 times a day! Oh during labor i had high blood pressure but idk if that had anything to do with the diabetes! the only good thing about it was that i got more ultrasounds and i got to be put on monitors more often which i liked cuz i could hear my baby more often!

Melody - posted on 11/10/2010




thanks for your post...I am still so confused on gest diabetes, so I am really hoping that the class I have to take this week will help answer some of my questions. I am nervous & my biggest concern is obviously my baby. I am so glad to hear that your little one was so healthy! :)

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