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Natalie Gabriella - posted on 05/13/2010




I suffered a cord prolapse with my son, resulting in him cutting off his oxygen supply.

Stacy - posted on 05/13/2010




preeclampsia is the stage you are into before eclampsia which the drs. try to avoid you going into.
preeclampsia is warning signs leading to eclampsia your blood pressure starts to go up and your leaking protein and swelling. and your blood pressure is controlled.
eclampsia is when your blood pressure is way high and uncontrolable, which is way more severe due to more likey of a chance for a seizure, stroke or heartattack.

when i was diagnosed my bp was about 140/90 and i had light swelling in my feet and urine in my protein. it also caused me to go into preterm labor at 28wks but it was stopped. then it took a horrible turn and i went into eclampsia. bedrest for 4wks! 2wks prior of birth 2wks after. they where shocked because i had no symptoms or warning signs to warn me that my blood pressure was rising so i could take caution. normaly you see spots, have stomach pain, headache, or feel jittery. i had none, it even scarred me. my highest bp was 205/120. i was given shots and everything with pills to get it to lower. my baby was induced at 35wks, and even her being 5wks early she was completly healthy and didnt have to go to nicu, the funny thing is i actually went into labor two days before being induced and they stopped it once again, they where trying to finish and get results from my 24hr urine for the protein and it was discovered that it was doing severe damage to my liver and it can also do damage to your kidneys. it is a very scary thing to go thru and i hope not many people have to go through it!

Elysia - posted on 05/13/2010




i had pre eclampsia and suffered alot of vision disturbance because of it and was induced for the sake of me and my baby. I also had trouble with post coital bleeds and threat of early labour at 32weeks which i was hospitalised for had to have steriods to strengthen my sons lungs and then medication to try and stop the labour which thankfully worked. And all morning sickness for the entire pregnancy.
This time around has been a little gentler only little bits of morning sickness alot of dizziness and 'floaty head' feelings and more doctors visits to keep checking my protein leaking and bp.

Lindsey - posted on 05/12/2010




i had preclampsia with my first i dont know the difference between preclampsia and eclampsia but anyways and my second i had a perfect pregnancy but my birth my son almost died he swolled amniotic fluid and wasent breathing

Nichole - posted on 05/12/2010




I had preterm labor issues. For a reason that the doctors could not figure out I kept going into labor starting at 21 weeks. I cramped throughout the first trimester, I was so afraid I was going to miscarry. Then at 21 weeks I went into labor for the first time...not active labor, but I was having contractions and starting to dialate. I was to 1 cm but no effacement. After a night in the hospital and a few shots the contractions stopped. Then at 24 weeks it started again, and I was to 2 cm but no effacement. That time I was in the hospital for 2 nights and given steriods cuz the doctors thought the baby was coming. I was also given shots to stop labor, and put on an IV medication as well. Finally things stopped. I was sent home to continue bed rest and was given meds to take if contractions got painful or semi-regular. If they got to regular I was to return to the hospital. At 28 weeks I was back in the hospital for the night. (2 1/2 cm, 20% effaced), again the medications and doctors stopped it. Then at 32 weeks I was back (3cm, 40%), but again it was stopped. Then I went to the hospital for the last time at 36 weeks. I was 4cm and completely effaced when I checked in, but my water had not broken. I spent 14 hours (the night) walking the hospital and waiting. The next morning I was only to 5 cm, but still intense contractions. So the doctor broke my water and started the pitocin. Within an hour my son was born 7 lbs 5 ounces. He came so fast and his head was a little large for me...I got 3rd degree tears, it took the doctor 45 minutes to stitch me back up. Poor guy had a HUGE hematoma on his little head, it took up an entire side of his head and took 3 weeks to go away. Now we are both happy and healthy. I'm just so glad he was born at 36 weeks and not any of the other times.

Jessica - posted on 05/12/2010




i didnt quite have preeclamsia, but it was close. i had some traces of urine in my blood and was getting NST's once a week the two months of my pregnancy. i was induced at 39 weeks because they werent willing to chance it any longer. had a healthy baby girl that they swore was under weight. she was 5lbs 15oz, but being that im not very big myself, i didnt expect anything more and they were over reacting.

Katie - posted on 05/12/2010




I had preeclampsia. I had to deliver at the beginning of 35 weeks. I didn't really feel sick or anything. I did get headahces but they weren't too bad but a few days before I was induced my feet and hands were so swollen. I couldn't believe how quick they got to be so big. After I delivered I was fine and my baby weighed 5 pounds 11 oz. I didn't think that was that small for delivering at 35 weeks. Still small though and I was scared to hold her because she was so small.

Emma - posted on 05/12/2010




While i was pregnant with my little girl i had problems with m bloodpreasure which also was causing me to pass out through out my pregnancey. And till this day im still having those problems. x

[deleted account]

I had undetected preeclampsia,i had protein twice but it was over looked.I had my little ones placenta come away due to the cloths that formed behind somewhere during the 40weeks 4days of pregnancy.Before i had the emergency c-section i started passing the cloths but only in the section the discovered what had happened.We were both lucky.I had all the signs,protein in the urine,constant abdominal pain and extreme thirst&headaches,also with my baby not growing at the adverage rate.

Which only at 37weeks the listened to my concerns about her growth as this was my second baby and i knew she wasnt small because i was, which is what the thought.Everthing else the overlooked and thought i was just over worrying about nothing.

She was a good 6lbs 5oz but 4weeks behind in her growth and she had one for two slow areas of development,i believe to do with her growth behind.

Alison - posted on 05/12/2010




I was fine up at the beginning of my pregnancy untill i got my 1 hr glucose test done it was a high normal so the doctors made me take the 1 hr again it was higher then the first one so they then gave me a 3 hr and that was normal. I went into for an appointment and took that peeing in a cup as usual and there was protine in my urine. after week 35 My blood presure went into the 100s and i started to swell so bad it went to my stomach. so they put me on bedrest. The made me do the 24hr urine test and blood work done that came back abnormal so i got induced at week 38 bc i had preeclampsia. And as of right now im still on blood pressure med.

Stacy - posted on 05/12/2010




i had preeclampsia that turned into severe eclampsia after two weeks of being diagnosed! i was induced at 35wks was in the hospital 2wks before and 2wks after birth, my eclampsia turned for the worst after birth and i dealt with it for3mths after babys birth takeing two blood pressure meds. that was with my first.

with my second she had two vessel cord. there is suppost to be three. two blood vessels and 1artery. they say it only happens to less then 1% of pregnancies. luckily the one blood vessel got big to handle the flow, verses if it didnt then they baby could not get all the air and nutrients needed. but the bad thing of it making itself bigger was that it could collaspse at anytime. they where positive it would start to show signs before doing so and so i got a ultrasound every month to watch out for these signs. luckily it didnt collaspe. usually this condition means the baby will have heart or kidney problems. my daughter did have kidney problems but they cured themselves! at around 6mths! they induced me at 38wks to avoid complications and she was also measuring to big for me already.

i am on my 3rd pregnancy at 21wks and glad to say all is well right now and i only hope it stays that way!

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