Have a 4 year old and expecting number two soon

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I have a four year old little girl and am expecting a little boy in January. She is happy that she's going to have a little brother, but I don't think she quite understands what it means and that the baby is going to be taking a lot of mommy's time and attention.
What can I do to make the transition a little easier on all of us and what can I expect as far as behavior?


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Making the transition easier can actually be easier than you think... happily for all mommys out there. Let her go with you to shop for the new baby, she'll feel proud when the baby wears something she picked out for him/her. Even buy or make her a shirt that say's I'm a Big Sister. I'm oldest of 4 in my family and I get a new one everytime my mom had a baby. I loved it. Play with dolls and let her help you practice changing diapers (gets in some great bonding time too ;) ). Try and involve her in as much as you can once the baby is born and make sure you tell her you appreciate her help, wether it was getting the wipes for you while you're changing a diaper or just playing sweetly with her new sibling. Last thing is just make sure you schedule time with just her everyday to let her know that even though Mommy is busy with the new baby you don't love her any less, your heart just got bigger to make room for the new baby.

Behavior changes can vary depending on your child. Some children regress in an effort to seem more babyish since that is who Mommy and Daddy are paying attention to. Some get angry or lash out and seclude themselves, not wanting anything to do with the little thing that intruded into their happy home. And some even attempt to grow up even faster. I've seen examples of all three, I know a little girl who, the day her new baby sister got brought home form the hospital (she was only 2 weeks past 2 at the time) declared "I'm going to go potty!" And she did, she never used another diaper.

Now if only potty training were that easy for all of us!

The best you can do is just go with your child's moods on this one. They're going to have their bad days and their good ones. Make sure she knows you love her and you're not leaving her behind in favor of the baby. Let her help as much as she can and don't be surprised if she asks to take it to show and tell when knidergarden hits lol!

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