HELP!!! Im taking my 11month old son on a 20hr flight by myself!

Katrina - posted on 08/04/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Im going to Australia in 3 weeks to visit my family and am taking my 11month old with me by myself....

Im VERY nervous about it because my son isnt one to sit still for even 5 mins and i will have him on my lap for over 20hrs (each way) :S

Has anyone else done this before??

Anyone have tricks or suggestions i can use?

Also i know your not allowed to bring liquids on the plane, so ow to i bring his baby food and formula??? and can i bring tylenol??

In desperate need of some advice here :)

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Tonya - posted on 08/21/2010




you can bring liquids on the plane it just how much you can bring on i just took my 11 month old daoughter to Hellena Montana and we could bring liquids each carier has a diffrent amount in witch you can bring on wiht you, i brought tylenol with in her dipperbag, the only thing is they have to test everything to see if it is ok to bring on the plane so call yout carrier to see how much you can bring exsplane your trip alittle to give them what you are dealing wiht and they should be able to help you, also if you want, what you could do is after you check in get a bottle of water or something right their in the airport that i know you should be able to bring on because you are already past the check in spot if that dont work they will have some sort of water/pop on the plane that you can put in the bottle/sippy as far as him not sitting still for more than 5 mins bring one or a cupple of his favrite toys for him to play wiht on the plane
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katrina - posted on 08/21/2010




my husband and I took our two girls from Aus to Japan at the end of last year - DD1 was 2 and a half DD2 was 12 months.
If your flight isn't for a while, ring the company you are going with and see if you can request a bulkhead seat (they have extra legroom and bassinets) so that way your son can play on the floor for a while and (as long as the seatbelt sign is off) can have a nap.
Also, every now and then take him for a walk up and down the aisle to release some energy. Normally the other passengers are OK with kids and can understand that they can't sit for that long (we took both our girls for short walks).
The air crew that we had on our Japan Airlines flight also loved to interact with the girls and they normally have some bits and pieces to give them to distract. (we got playing cards, blow up toy planes etc.)

There is also the inflight tv thing - each seat should have its own - and has all sorts of complimentary shows (normally found on PayTV) as well as interactive games such as Spot (the dog)

You can usually request a baby meal age appropriate for your child too - but may need (again) to reserve this prior to the flight.

My biggest tip - look up the company's website. They should have an "In-flight Services" section somewhere which should have a subsection of travelling with babies and kids.

Charlotte - posted on 08/21/2010




the first time i took my son on an aeroplane he was 6 months old, i havent done a long journey with him but he slept most of the way, i would take plenty of toys or anything that can be a distraction! your not supposed to take liquids on the plane the only thing you can do which they allow is by the cartons of baby milk i think they're about 200ml but as its for your son they should allow it. Thats all i can think of at the moment. But make sure he has a dummy or something for take off and landing just incase his ears pop! Good luck!

Kathryn - posted on 08/21/2010




I just arrived home from a 52 hour round trip with my 15 month old twins who are BUSY to say the least! On a plane, you'll at least have the sanity of strapping him in his carseat (I went by train!). I believe you CAN bring infant formula on the plane as well as his food. I have seen people have to drink some of it to make sure that's what it was... but to be safe, I'd jst call the airline.
As per the travel, just bring a few small toys for him to play with, a favourite snuggle toy... something to occupy him. Believe it or not, time goes by faster than you think! I had my kids on homo milk by 10 mos. and so for travel, when I can't bring enough with me, I am able to just order it on the train/plane to get me through to my destination. You'll do fne though... and he'll surprise you! Sitting in coach always seems to be better too as people tend to be more baby friendly and want to help you entertain him!

Erin - posted on 08/20/2010




if you are formula feeding your child i dont see how that would be a problem. also bring things that your little guy really enjoys. bring his favorite story book, toys, etc. im sure tylonel wouldn't be a problem but if you are curious phone the flight company you are going through and find out for sure.

Stephanie - posted on 08/20/2010




Contact the airline and they will inform you what is allowed. I traveled with my 1 yr old to Egypt and he slept the whole time. More than likely your child will sleep. However on the way home, my son wanted to walk up and down the aisles, so I suggest bring toys or activities that will occupy him.

Crystal - posted on 08/04/2009




Holy cow. I would be nervous too. I was on a 4 hour flight with my daughter. Bring a portable DVD player and lots of new toys to occupy the time. Yes you can bring medicine (just make sure you arent over the ounce limit - call airline to find out what that is). As for formula, bring powder formula. The flight attendants can warm up water for you. You can bring jarred baby food. See this link below:

Good luck to you!!!!!!

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