Help with my 2 y/o who cries ALL the time.

Stacey - posted on 09/10/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Need some help or insight about my 2 y/o daughter. Her twin brother is a very mellow boy with no behavior concerns or problems. She has many frequent (over 20) tantrums every day and some for ridiculous reasons. If a toy falls of the table- its a tantrum, if her hat falls off- its a trantrum, if she can't get a puzzle peice in quick enough- tantrum, if we don't leave for the park within 30 seconds- another tantrum. I can understand the ones she throws when she is told no and when she doesn't get her way but I am at my wits end. Her speech is good and shows no other areas of concern. Dad and myself have tried everything over the past year ( time-out, grounding her in her room, ignoring it, yelling, positive reinforcement, even spanking) and she only keeps getting worse. She sometimes will head bang and most tantrums start with her throwing herself to the floor. Each one will last 5-10 minutes. These are making any family outing difficult not to mention embarrsing. Please help.
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Ashley - posted on 09/10/2011




My son has severe speech delays so this may not apply (along with some other things) at 18 months and he did the same thing. Drs told me tantrums lasting longer than 30 mins for a child isn't normal. I guess I would just mention it to her pediatrician because she may not feel well or something and she just doesn't know how to show you. When they explained to me about tantrums with my son (his last 2 hours EACH) they said try the happiest toddler on the block method (you can find it on youtube). I was told around that age is the most they will do things like this because they are trying to learn how to deal with emotions.. I know it probably isn't what you want to hear but if you have concerns talk to a pediatrician. Hope that helps

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Have you talked to your pediatrician? That might be the first route to take and see if your doctor has any suggestions as to how to help your daughter and also what might be causing it. Good luck!

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