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So I am 25 years old and have a wonderful life. I have a daughter that will be 3 the 18th of this month, and a son who will be turning 1 on the 13th of March. My husband and I are thinking about trying for # 3, but we will see how long it takes us to achieve this goal. It took us 6 months to get pregnant with our first and 4-5 months to get pregnant with our son. I am still nursing so that plays a roll in the conception factor. Does anyone have a kid almost one and still having a hard time getting them to sleep thorugh the night?


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Hahaha! I have a four year old who still doesn't want to sleep all night!! He had somewhat of an excuse though, he was very sick for a while so he got used to sleeping with mommy and daddy. When he was around 10 months old he still wasn't sleeping all night so I tried something my nanny did with me when I was little. I moved his nap earlier in the day, and I made absolutely sure (rain, shine, sleet, or snow) that he got at least an hour of hard playing, like running or dancing or "jumping". Once I started doing that he started to sleep longer and longer and the next thing I know, he's sleeping all night! I was very lucky with my daughter though, she started sleeping through the night at around 6 months. She was also a big help with getting my son back on track. Hope it all works out for you guys! Good luck!

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