How do I get my 2 yr old to eat better?

Carla - posted on 09/01/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 2 yr old son has turned into a junk food junky. I realize that it's my fault. When he was finally eating solid food on a regular basis, I would give him fruit snacks while we were out running errands or some kind of dessert even when he didn't finish his food (I know, I know... bad mom). But now, that's all the kid wants. I don't give in like I used to but he refuses to eat. I've read a lot of posts where someone says to give him what I want him to eat and he'll either suck it up or eventually eat it because he'll get hungry. Not my kid. If he doens't want it, he will not eat it. I've battled with him for hours over something as little as a peanut butter sandwhich and in the end I had to throw it out. It doesn't help that my mom has him 2 nights a week and is the typical Grandma that gives him whatever he wants. I know some of you will say that I need to tell her that I'd like her to stop doing those things but you don't know my mom. She does make sure he at least eats before handing over the good stuff but I'd really like to cut out the sugar and candy all together. And it's not like I can just stop letting her watch him. She's his grandma, and besides that, I don't have anyone else to take him while I'm at work. Are there any tricks or secrets someone can let me in on to break this bad eating habit??


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Try making his nutritious food fun, and buy snacks that are made with less sugar etc. You can cut his sandwiches into funny shapes, give him homemade chicken nuggets (chicken breast, cut up, breaded with whole wheat bread, parmesan cheese...dip in egg before rolling in bread mixture, bake in oven), etc. Also, I have started to change some of the ingredients in my own baking (not that I bake all the time), but you can use apple sauce instead of oil in almost every recipe, and whole wheat flour instead of white flour. Also, you can cut refined sugar to about 3/4 of what the recipe calls for without changing the taste and texture too much. I babysit for a living right now, and I had a kid who only wanted junk food. I tried my best to come up with things he would eat that were nutritious, and this is what I have so far. You can also buy fruit snacks that are made with real fruit instead of loads of sugar (Sun Ripe I think) and all that kind of stuff. Lots of people sneak veggies into their spaghetti sauce and stuff by purreeing it and stirring it in too. Switch from white bread, pasta and rice to whole wheat and brown rice.

That's all I can think of right now. Hope it helps! The best thing you can do is just not have any of the bad stuff available and keep at it.

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