how do i lose my tummy after a c-section?

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Mehzabeen - posted on 06/25/2012




Thnks ruth, i live in malawi which is in central africa... Its a third world country.. Ive got a daughter which is 5 n i also had her by cesarean, but i lost my weight very quickly without any exercise, i only breastfed her, i had my son after 5years but this tym im not losing at all. I get soo paranoid, n feel depressed, my clothes dnt fit me, i feel miserable when i see myself in the mirror. My doctor said its ok to start my exercises after 6-8 weeks, depending if im fit enough, which i hve, maybe i jus have to be patient.

Ruth - posted on 06/25/2012




If you're cleared for exercise (ask your doctor at your after-delivery appointment--regular exercise may be okay, even if abdominal work has to wait until you get heal more), then just exercise and eat healthy. I know it's hard with a new baby (my first was a c-section also, and it takes quite a while before those muscles finish healing), but get enough rest, try and eat well, especially if you're breastfeeding, and start with mild exercise before you move onto more strenuous work. If you still have the post-partum bleeding, remember that if it gets heavier, or comes back after stopping, then you're doing too much and need to take it easy.

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