How do you handle it when someone accuses you of lying? I am not sure what to do.

Jenifer - posted on 04/05/2010 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have been accused of lying before nad never really worried about it, but this time it doesn't just affect me, it affects my son. My son is 6 and has an older 11 year old half brother same lazy, lying not paying child support, could care less that he has kids father and the boys obviously have different mothers. Well the other mom and I have been kind of friends for almost 7 years. About a month ago someone called CPS (child protective services) on her and she called me crying and told me all about it and about how she was sure it was her brother Jason, cause he told her he would call. She told me all this stuff that CPS told her had already been said and more than half of the stuff I didn't even know and she knew that I didn't know the information. So CPS investigated and I guess found nothing cause she still has her son. She is also pregnant with another kid due in August, pregnant by her ex and I have offered to help her get whatever I can find for both her kids.

So anyways fast forward to Thursday and she texts me 'did you call CPS on us be honest' I have my own daycare and a parent was paying me and discussing next week's schedule, so i didn't even read the text then she texts 'no answer? sounds guilty to me' I text her back 'sorry i had someone here' and 'no I did not' So for the next hour I have to explain to her about how I did not call CPS on her and this is after I paid for the plates, cups, pizza, breakfast for her son's birthday sleepover, decorated the cake, spent the night and took her to the hospital the next day cause her baby's dad was too busy watching a game. I also spent over $100 on clothes for her son.

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