How old can baby start drinking regular juice or milk?


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At six months juice but I would mix it half and half with water and pick a natural juice with less sugar and then milk at one year. A good thing to keep in mind is that when your baby is old enough to use a sippy cup they are probably ready for juice (I would never put juice in a bottle)

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Is fruit juice dangerous? The American Academy of Pediatrics thought that it was enough of a danger to issue a policy statement about 'The Use and Misuse of Fruit Juice in Pediatrics'.

In reality, there are a lot of other more important dangers to your child's health, but drinking too much fruit juice can be a problem. According to the AAP, drinking too much juice can contribute to obesity, the development of cavities (dental caries), diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal problems, such as excessive gas, bloating and abdominal pain.

Among the recommendations of the AAP report, which are actually daily limits of how much fruit juice kids should drink, and not an actual recommendation to drink juice, are that:

* when you give your child juice, it should be 100% pasteurized fruit juice and not fruit drinks.
* infants under 6 months of age should not be given juice, although many Pediatricians do recommend small amounts of juice for children that are constipated
* infants between 6 and 12 months can drink up to 4 to 6 ounces of juice a day, but should do it only in a cup, not a bottle
* younger children aged 1 to 6 years should have only 4 to 6 ounces of juice a day
* older children should be limited to 8 to 12 ounces of juice a day
* instead of juice, children should be encouraged to eat whole fruits

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One year old for normal cows milk. I would really worry about the juice before that either because they dont need it- water or milk is best.

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I didnt even give mine juice until 6 months and watered it down till around a year old or so

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juice there is reall no need until they are about 1 year, whole milk at 10 to 12 months

Heather - posted on 06/27/2011




My daughter is 10 mths this week. She tried vitamin D milk and loved it. But ive noticed her appeitite changed.Shes been drinking more vitamin milk(6-7 onces) vs formula(4-5 ounces).Shes teething to so im just keeping an eye on her.And as for juice Makenzie doesnt like it unless it apple juice and she just sips it when she snacks on her puffs.She drinks water more then juice but she wont use a sippy cup she prefers mommies cup.

Stephanie - posted on 06/27/2011




as other mothers have said about six months just do half water, the wic office they dont know nothin, my eight month old hates baby food, she eat the food i eat i break it down and she gums it right up and she hasnt had anything happen to her after drinking 2 percent milk with water , both my other kids i put them on v d milk at 10 months and they took to it well, and that milk was straight no water added

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so basically if you're giving your kid more than 1/2 a cup of juice daily... you're giving them too much

September - posted on 06/27/2011




Babies don't need juice, personally I would just offer water to start with to avoid all that sugar, I don't think a 6 month old (which is when they say it's ok to introduce) needs that much sugar in their diet. We gave our son juice for the first time once he turned 1 and I diluted it a ton. He's 2.5 now and prefers water over anything but will have juice (still diluted) from time to time and milk with each meal as well. We started with whole milk at 1 year of age which is what's recommended. Every family is different so you have to do what you feel is best for yours.

Leanne - posted on 06/25/2011




This all depends on bub as cow's milk has different cultures to mum's breast or formula but around the year mark is the general conclusion here. You can try skim or other alternates, however saying that my daughter went on cow's milk at 8 months and had no issues and as with juice, 6 months is fine but watered down a lot (for store bought juice's as bub's just getting teeth you don't need them falling out straight away) however I think you can get away with 50-50 if juicing yourself as then it's just natural sugars. Goodluck

Kristal - posted on 06/25/2011




My pediatrician told us 1 year for whole milk and as for put more water then juice...there's alot of sugar in juices and the kids don't need it. To water it down and let the juice be a little bit of flavor in the water. But juice can be started as early as 6 months

Chrystal - posted on 06/25/2011




at 6 months they can start drinking juice. That is what my daughter's pediatrician told us. Just make sure it is watered down juice though. I always buy motts for tots because the juice is already watered down for you and it has 40% less sugar than regular juice. And as for the milk they have to be 12 months old to start drinking that according to my pediatrician. I trust our pediatrician too she is great and has been on target with everything that went on with Addison. :)

Valérie - posted on 06/25/2011




My son son started drinking regular milk at 9 months the 3.25% of course i consulted a doctor before and regular juice around 7 months but diluted with water.

Charmaine - posted on 06/25/2011




i would say about six months for the juice and 1 year for milk but its always good to put a little bit of water with it

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