how to have patience with my baby?

Montie - posted on 03/26/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




when my daughter was born i had patience with her until she was 3 months old. until then i started taking frustrations out on her until she turned one last month. i felt bad. i am also a college student and its even harder to deal with school and taking care of my daughter. mom told me to wait until after college and get married then have a baby. but all that changed. before i got a pregnant with my daughter 2 years ago, i had a problem with my temper and im afraid that it would affect her when she gets older. so how can i stop having frustrations with her. she is one now.

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Kelsea - posted on 03/26/2011




how frusterated are you becomming with her?? its not always easy being a new mom trust me, my son is 15 monthes old and it sure can take alot pout of you. i am also going to collegem and breatsfeeding.i understand how hard it can be. but you need to realize that she is just a baby, and right now she needs her mommy, she doesnt know this wolrd and she needs you 5to depend on. if you are having troubles then i hope that you have some one who can help you, becuase she has no idea how she is affecting you.

i have found that as mothers we do harbor some guilt whether it be concious or unconcious, but also as mmothers we need to be strong and have patience with our little ones as well as ourselves.

I hope that you have some body whether it be your mom, her other grandma, her dad ( ? ) or a doctor who can help you.

trust me, i cried last night bnecuase it can be alot. but stay strong and remember that YOU LOVE HER, and SHE DOESNT KNOW WHAT IS WRONG.

something smart, YOU TAKE A TIME OUT. just put her in her crib/ or playpen and you give your self 10 min of timeout. lol. it sounds funny, but i am sure you will feel better. if it gets worse, call someone becuase you dont want to do something you will regret later.

much love xo

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