How to help my teething fussy baby feel better?

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Kushal - posted on 02/21/2013




please help me up. im really worried about my little girl. she is just two years old and was a very decent n quite child but past one month she has become too fussy, restless n disturbed. i know she is teething n not fine. but how should i manage her? how can i make her better

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I always do a combination of of teething tablets and pain reliever. Did the trick for my kiddo. Best of luck to you :-)

Tiffany - posted on 06/07/2010




Teething tablets are the best! They worked wonders on my daughter and they are all natural. You can get them almost anywhere. The brand I remember is Humphrey's.

Jeanne Laurice - posted on 06/07/2010




icecold carrots can do the trick to make your baby feel can also use a teether make sure it is cold.

Sasha - posted on 06/06/2010




There are munchkin teether "toys" that are a mesh bag with a handle on it.... I used one of those with my 2 yr old, my 16 month old and now my 6 month old. I usually put frozen peaches or melons in it ( anything without small seeds) and let him suck and gnaw on it all he wants. By the time he is done he has calmed down and he feels better. It also helps him deal with the heat of the summer. Not to mention it is funny to watch his face when he realizes it is really cold. :)

Lacye - posted on 06/05/2010




this is going to sound really weird, and i mean really weird!, but my sister tried nipple hardener on her twin sons when they were teething. i know it sounds horrible and really creepy but it worked better than the infant's orajel. all she had to do was put a dab on their gums and they felt alot better!

Meghan - posted on 06/05/2010




hylands nursing tablets did wonders for my boy. Frozen yogurt, forzen fruit (depending on the age) or a frozen washcloth helps too!

Jennievy - posted on 06/05/2010




I used teething tablets on my daughter and now with my 8 1/2 mon old...and also before breastfeeding I give him some and a teething ring so that it soothes him before feeding

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