How to stop Head banging tantrums ?

Brianna - posted on 01/13/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




He doesn't do it everytime, but when he does he sits down and bangs his head on the floor. How do I get him to stop!

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Tressie - posted on 01/14/2010




My son and daughter both did this. Once my son hit his head on a hard surface he didn't hurt himself but he did have a red mark on his head, when he realized it hurt he stopped. My daughter just grew out of it when she learned to throw herself on the ground. I am not saying let your child hurt himself but when he realizes it hurts he might stop.

Heather - posted on 01/13/2010




how old is your son? my daughter did this around 10 months and i couldnt stop her. I would just make sure she was in a safe area that she couldnt get hurt doing it and let her go. I paid no attention during this tantrum and gradually it stopped. If you yell or give them any tyoe of attention he will keep doing to get a reaction from you

Ruth - posted on 01/13/2010




Mine will do the same thing. She'll throw her head every which way on the floor and the wall. I wish I knew how to stop it too.

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