I have 10 yr old twins how do I convince them not to listen to other kids cuz they are making fun of their glasses and they wont wear them...

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Katie - posted on 03/06/2009




tell them that theyre glasses are just like superman's. and that the other kids are just jealous because they dont get to b like superman. it worked wonders for my sisters son. that way when they go to school, even if kids give them a hard time, they will know how special they are, and that the other kids are just jealous. hope this helps

Tanith - posted on 03/05/2009




I got my duaghter some REALLY funky glasses and kept telling her how cool she was with them, and when she went to school she had a different attitude which rubbe doff on her friends and now her friends want glasses...its all about building thir confidence!

[deleted account]

My boys are 4 and 22 months and they wear glasses all the time so I will be looking at this thread to see what advice you get in case I have to deal with that. I really hope someone has some good advice so your kids can be happy and confident when wearing their glasses.

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