I have a question for those of you with three kids. What would you say the pros and cons are? How many years apart are your kids?

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Melissa - posted on 03/19/2009




i have 3, a boy aged 4, girl 16mnths, boy 6 weeks. its hard work but well worth it. my biggest problem has been trying to find time with the older two alone, as the youngest just wants to be constantly held.

the oldest will go off and play with his toys while i sit down to nurse the baby but my daughter wont, she will sit there and cry or start getting into things she knows shes not aloud.

although in the last few days i have sort of gotten into a rountine with the baby i am hoping my daughter wont feel so left out now.

good luck with your decision.

and im hoping all 3 will grow up learning together and being close.

Kelly - posted on 03/19/2009




Thank you for all your input. Currently I have two aged 3.5 and 1.5.  I am possibly considering a third but am not sure if it is practicle. Alot of my girlfriends who have kids say that it is easier with only two.  The idea of three seems a little scary but I would rather have them all close in age if Im going to have anymore. I thought about waiting until my youngest is in school but then it would be like starting all over again... the midnight feedings, teething, diapers, potty training. On the other hand if he is in school Ill have more time to get things done while the other two are in school, take a nap when baby does,get the shopping done with only one baby, clean house, ect....I just don't know

Jennifer - posted on 03/19/2009




Hello! I have 3 boys and the ages are 10, 8 and 23 months. I would have to say the pros are that they have someone to play with, grow up with, help eachother and much more. The cons are you're out numbered and it's just one more child that fights. It's really not any harder then having 2 children. I love it and wouldn't change it for the world!

Amanda - posted on 03/19/2009




We have 3 boys ! They are yours mine and ours ,they are 7,5,2 ! I would say have them close together so they can all grow up together ! They oldest one doesnt like really hanging with the other two but the 5 year old helps out with the baby and tries teaching him different things !

Emily - posted on 03/19/2009




I have been thinking about this a lot too. I only have two but I would like at least one more. My girls are almost four years apart and if things continue this way the baby (not yet conceived!) would be about 4 years younger than my youngest .

I would have an 8 year old, 4 year old and newborn which means three carseats so I'd have to buy a bigger car. A bigger car equals less gas mileage. I have to work so unless my husband gets a big promotion I would have to go back to work atleast part time to help with the bills. That would mean two kids in daycare and possibly one in afterschool care. That is a huge chunk of change. My kids would also be the age where they are doing lots of activities and wanting others to spend the night- I woudl hate to be too preoccupied with a new baby to give them what they need. And, it appears I would occasioanlly have two in college at the same time which is daunting in itself.

Catrina - posted on 03/19/2009




I have 3 boys. Almost 10 (on 3/25) 5 June 7, and 4 in July 7. My oldest was 5 when the first one was born. He was so hands on, interested in helping me do everything and anything with his brother. Then 13 months to the DATE after my 2nd son was born, my 3rd son was born. I felt like I had twins, yet they were at completely different stages so I felt like I would have to start at square one everyday.

These days, each one helps in their own way. My oldest does A LOT of helping out around the house. My second son will run at the opportunity to help clean up toys, while my 3rd will whine about not knowing what to do. He's the baby, but can't stand to be called it. My oldest son will read to his brothers. Of course my youngest wants only me or his half sister to read to him when she is here. The younger 2 are like day and night - one moment they are best friends following each other around making tents with their blankets on the dining room table, then the next minute they are screaming and yelling at each other or crying to me that the other one won't stop this or that.

We are done having children! With my step kids, and my 3 - there a total of 5. My step daughter is our only girl, and she's in between each set of kids.

Michelle - posted on 03/19/2009




I have a 20 month old son, an 8 month old girl and I am expecting number 3 in september! For us the main thing is companionship - my son is disabled and has alot of health complaints so we will be homeschooling the family this way they will have the constant companionship of each other (at present they are inseperable which has its advantages and disadvantages) although they will obviously enjoy other social activites.

The practicalities are huge I will have 3 in nappies, on formula etc then there is the idea of a triple pram as my eldest is unable to walk and although my daughter should be walking by then she will only be 14 months so wont be able to walk all the time, a car that fits 3 car seats and all equipment etc for 3 but the advantages are they will all grow up together as friends supporting each other and learning together so long as you can cope emotionally, and financially and you and your partner are happy about the situation then its a very rewarding thing to do. On the other hand if you or your partner arent ready then there will be huge strain upon the family. I know that we have recieved alot of negitive comments both from freinds, family and even strangers for having 3 so close together but it is the right thing for us and as such I do not really care about there opinions.

How far apart are your babes?

-and good luck!

Veronica - posted on 03/19/2009




I have three kids a well . my oldest will be three soon , then twins that are 19 months. they all help when asked,play,laugh,and cry together ,

Lisa - posted on 03/19/2009




I have three kids. My first is 11, second 6, third 5. The pros of having the first 2 5 years apart is that my oldest could help with his brother. He loved to go get diapers and bottles but once they got older, there was an issue of finding things that they both liked to do or things they could both do together. With the second 2, by them being 18 mo apart, they are inseparable. They play together, go to school together, and are learning together. But the rough part was having two on formula, two in diapers, and two with pacifiers at the same time. Just remember to enjoy them at any age!

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