I have twin 5 year old boys with short timper any idea?


Mary - posted on 02/19/2010





I have a five year old son, he’s a middle child and has always had a short temper. I find that I really have to keep control at all times (don’t blow). It’s really hard especially when has taking it out on his siblings.

If I fell he’s getting ready to kick of then I try to defuse the situation and get him to do something else and if its to late and he’s throwing a paddy then I remove him from the situation (send him to his room) until he calms down. Then we talk through what happened, how he could have dealt with things better.

If he has hurt some one though, its no bars held straight to naughty step and once his time is served we then have that all illusive conversation as before lol.

If he’s defiant and ecnors me I find counting normal works. Don’t ask why.

I am also really careful about how I treat them all. I really try my best to treat them all the same and not hold any grudges about any previous wrong doings. Same rules for all. I also find that treating with stickers for good work and behavior really helps.

Sum times a change in diet helps if nothing else works. I’ve being doing this for a wile now. It’s slow progress but its defiantly working for us? Well I wish u all the best.

PS. It will get worse before it gets better.

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Tiffany - posted on 02/19/2010




Jessica, is it just with each other or with anyone?

My oldest set of boys, at about 3, started getting really aggrasive with each other. I was clueless as to what to do with then. It seemed like nothing i did worked. One night it was like a light flipped on. They were competeing for attention. For about a month my husband and I would split them up everynight. I would take one and he would take the other one somewhere. They had our undivided attention. It was amazing how fast their temperment changed. After about a month we toned it down to a once a week thing. We still did it till our 2nd set of boys were born. Now the oldest set get to go somewhere and then the next time the youngest set gets to go. If I even thought for a second that that competitiveness was coming back in any of them I would figure out a way to get them all on their own somehow.

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