I Need Help! My son keeps vomiting everything he eats n drinks.

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Ok, so my 20 month old son is vomiting everything he eats or drinks. Like with in 30-40 min. So i don't know what to do cause he can't seem to keep nothing down. He tries to eat a little and drink juice. But then moments later he is starts to vomit. I need some help. what can i give him.? Those that mean that he has a stomach virus? Or if not what can it be? What foods should i give him so that he can at least be able to eat it n not bring it back up. Please moms, i need some advice.


Laura - posted on 10/27/2010




I would definitely take him to the doctor. He may have a stomach virus. Since he cant keep anything down, get some pedialite and she how that goes. Atleast you can try to keep him hydrated until you can get to the doctor.

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