I've lost my friends after having a baby.

Jo - posted on 07/11/2011 ( 52 moms have responded )




I'm 22 years old with a little boy of 9 months. Out of all my 'friends' I was the first to fall pregnant. They were all brilliant throughout my pregnancy, but after Tyler was born, I hardly ever hear from them (including the friend I've known for 16 years). They're all too interested in my brother when he comes home on leave from the Army. My oldest friend hasn't seen her godson in months. It's just not fair to him! It doesn't help either that I have no mummy friends where I live as I'm very shy. I find it hard to make friends, so I don't see anyone at all, except my mum. Maybe my 'friends' just don't understand. I feel so lonely all the time, I just don't know what to do!!!

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Maggie - posted on 07/11/2011




I understand that, Although I moved from SA to QLD before I was pregnant I was still really close to most of my friends, writting and calling at least once a week but after the novelty of my sons birth wore off they stopped, i tried but got short replies feeling brushed off. Having said that I now speak with other girls i wasn't close to because they are in the same position had a child and no one wants to know them. I also joined a few mummy groups locally and from my antenatal class, I have kept in contact and have play dates with 3 of them at least once a month so i get mummy time and the kiddies can play. If you are shy they are a good option, most mums feel the same way.

Marjolaine - posted on 07/11/2011




we all have friends like that wether or not we are the first to have a baby or not. =( its sad really but have you tried joining any mother groups or baby/toddler groups you can always make friends there and plus they will understand you way more then the friends who dont have children take you LO out more and youll find yits easy to make friends by being active instead of staying home and being depressed its a vicious cycle and weve all been though it im sure i know i have n e ways =s but if you want to happy baby then you must get up and get out and it will make you happy once i gotout there it was like a whole nother world i hope things get better for you some of your friends might smarten up soon but dont let it get you down rememeber baby feels all the emotions you do

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