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I live in warm sunny Florida and I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I want to know how long I should wait after having my son until I expose him to long outdoor activities. Of course I plan on using sunscreen to protect him from the sun, I'm more worried about him over heating or getting rashes if I have him outside too early. Any help?


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You CAN use sunscreen on a baby younger than 6 months. It USED to be advised that you should not use sunscreen on babies less than six months old, but the AAP now states that sunscreen is safe to use on younger children, especially if you just use it on small areas of your baby's skin that is exposed to the sun and not protected by clothing, such as the infant's hands and face.

Still, younger children should be kept out of direct sunlight because they can burn easily and may not be able to handle getting overheated as well as older children. So even though it is likely safe to use sunscreen on kids less than six months old, it is safer to keep them out of the sun. If it is unavoidable, or for short periods of time, then yes, use sunscreen.

Just make sure you dress them appropriately - rash vests (is that what you call them in the US?? sun protection shirts?), hat, etc.

I live in Australia, and believe me, sun smart is a must here. The sun is much harsher here than in the northern hemisphere, and I used sunscreen on my babies when necessary.

Aimee - posted on 03/04/2011




give your baby a few weeks to get usto the weather and u should be ok just keep your baby in as least clothes as possible so they dont get to swetty and that can cause rashes and use a umberella to hope this helps

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I started taking my daughter outside at about 6 months, but that was more because summer landed nicely at the 6 month mark.

I live in the Northwest... so our summers are like your winters... no really they are. We don't get much warmer than 80.

Anyway, I would put a hat on her and sunscreen, then hang out in the grass for maybe 15 minutes. When we were in Florida this last Oct she always had a hat sometimes a wet one to keep her cool. I also had her wear soft soled shoes without socks to protect her feet. I found it a bit easier with a girl because she could wear a dress that covered her but still breathed. For a boy I'd try to find baby cargos (or that type of fabric) and keep him well covered but in fabric that breathes well. My daughter didn't get burnt once, or got a rash, while we were there; and we were outside for most of the time.

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I would wait until your baby is at least 6 months before taking he or she our in the direct sunlight for any length of time. My family lives in Florida and we vacationed with our son for the first time when he was 1. I was always sure to put lots of sunscreen on him (I love the Jason brand; it's all natural and does not have harmful chemicals in it). I also made sure that he drake plenty of water throughout the day. I would just be sure that you're not out in the direct sunlight for hours and hours with an infant. Congrats and good luck!

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My sister brought her 2 day old baby to my brother's outdoor high school graduation ceremony in June (approx 90 degrees F)... We all just made sure the baby was always shaded and my sister got a little batery opperated clip fan to get some air blowing past the baby. :)

My 3 year-old was born in October, so I didn't have to worry about the heat early on, but my 2 year-old was born in February and we get our summer very early where I live (California). Like Carolyn said, I didn't want to be cooped up, so as soon as it was nice outside I was out with all the kids - even the baby (she was about 1 1/2 - 2 months old when it started getting really warm). I just stayed in the shade and dragged our floor fan outside (I love extension chords...) to keep the air moving.

Lauren - posted on 03/05/2011




I live in Texas, so I totally understand the heat!! My daughter was born in March, so she was a couple months old before the horrible temps hit. However, like another mom said, I did not hibernate with my! I went and did everything like normal, I just had a "little helper" with me. I had one of those travel systems, so if I was outside, she could be completely covered by the shades from the infant carrier and the stroller. During the summer, she pretty much wore onesies, and that's it! I took her swimming for the first time in June, so she was about 3 months old. I also bought one of those floats with the canopy to be used in the pool, so she was shaded. When it gets to be on average 100 degrees, you have to do something to stay cool, and I can only sit inside for so! Really, just make sure they are shaded or covered and have fun with your new little bundle of joy. Congrats!

Dina - posted on 03/05/2011




Well my son was a June baby...and we spent the majority of that summer OUTSIDE. You CAN put sunscreen on your little one but they advise not to put it on there hands and feet as these two body parts often end up in there mouths. (well at least that was what my doctor told me for my son as sunscreen wouldn't last on his hands haha) If your child doesn't do this then I would say to put it on there hands and feet if they are showing.

Of course minimal contact with direct sunlight is recommended, so keeping in the shade is good, and monitoring their body temperature. But by no means do you have to stay couped up can go for walks just make sure the sun visor on his stroller covers him with shade. You can go swimming outside, or to the beach just set time limits 15 minutes swimming with him (because they are in the sun) and then hanging out on the beach in a shaded area for a while before heading out again.

If you are starting to feel warm chances are your baby is feeling warmer. So pay attention to your body, and check on his little body often.

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Mmm I think I took Loags out for a walk in the pram at 3 days old down to Mitre 10 to buy a touch lamp but they didn't have any so we got chips from the corner store and went home. But not between 10 and 2. Late afternoon or early morning sun is good.

Carolyn - posted on 03/03/2011




oh man , i couldnt imagine being couped up inside for 6 months ?? holy crap. Logan was born in June, and we spent time outside, he stayed in the shade, in nice light clothing or naked. He has slept on many patio tables LOL. on the ridiculously hot and humid days we would stay inside. But i did not hibernate.... and Logan didnt suffer one bit for it.

Ricky - posted on 03/03/2011




Babies shouldnt be in direct sunlight until 6 months and same goes with sun screen. If you need to be outside invest in a good portable fan, nice big hats for him and loose thin clothing.

Laura - posted on 03/03/2011




Yes no sunscreen until at least 6 months, and make sure when you do it's made for an infant! Babies can overheat very easily so it is best to stay where it's cooler.

My daughter was 8 months the first time she was outside here (Newfoundland, Canada). While our summers aren't continuously hot, we have A LOT of humidity. Some days it reaches 30+ (86F+) and even I can't go out in that.

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Do not put suncreen on a baby till at least 6 months.....Avoid putting your baby in direct sunlight again till at least 6 months. I know it sucks but try and stay in the A/C as much as possible because infants to not have a very good body tempareture gage so they can over heat in no time and it can be very dangerous. I had my first in June 2008 and i live in Montreal Canada so are summers are not really as hot as Florida but still hot to cause a child to overheat. So i stayed inside alot or went places where there was a/c at all times.

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