Is an eight yrs old child too young to have a cell phone? ....... Please explain the reason for your

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Kerri - posted on 05/06/2010




In my opinion eight year olds do ways to much now days. The clothes they wear, their attitudes, cell phones, everything. Kids are trying to be way more grown up than they need to be.

There was no way my mother would ever let me dress the way most kids do now days, and I didn't get a cell phone till i got my first job and was able to pay for myself. And that is what I will do for my kids.

At eight years old to me she shouldn't be anywhere without an adult; therefore, the adult shes with should have a phone, so she has no reason to have one herself.

So yes I do beleive that eight years old is WAY to young to have a cell phone.

C. - posted on 05/06/2010




IMO, yes! I personally don't think any child should have a cell phone unless it's absolutely necessary. If they are in sports and need a cell phone for their safety or to call for rides, then I would give them a conditional cell phone. If that's your situation, I would say go for it just make sure your child knows what they can/cannot do with it. If that's not your situation, I wouldn't do it..

Melissa - posted on 05/06/2010




My son was 4 when he got his 1st cell phone.. he has been in karate since then and I wasnt about to send him to karate camp with out a phone... Its a prepaid cingular go phone, i controll who he calls and who calls him. But i think it was a GREAT idea and he is 8 now and he does chores to keep his minutes on his phone.. He has been really responsible with his phone.... I am very happy that I decided to give him a phone at 4.

Sarah - posted on 05/06/2010




I think for most 8 yr olds I would say yes. I have told my kids that they will get a cell phone when they need one. So my question would be does the 8 yr old need one? Are there situations when the child must call you and there is no other way of getting ahold of you? Most of the time at 8 yrs old the child is going to be with an adult, so then the answer would be no because there is always someone that has a cell phone available to use if it is needed. My son is 12 yrs old and we are just now starting to be in situations when there are no adults around for him to use a cell phone.

Heather - posted on 05/06/2010




It depends on your reason, and the cell phone plan. Giving them a phone on your plan because they ask isn't a good reason - it's a lot of money spent for an 8 year old, when there isn't really a need. If she needs it to call you for a ride after a sport, or if she walks somewhere and you want to know she is safe, then yes. However, even then I would get either a child phone that calls three numbers, or at the most a phone with minutes or a pay for the day you use it phone from verizon. I think the age of the child is less relevant then the need. Do they need a phone or just want one?

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