Is it REALLY possible to get $300 worth of groceries for less the $5?!

Megan - posted on 10/21/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I heard some lady talking on the radio the other day about how she clips coupons and is able to get $300 worth of groceries for less the $5! But when it comes to clipping coupons I AM TERRIBLE! If I remember to clip coupons I don't remember to bring them to the store or I just forget all together about the coupon. I have 5 kids and as they get older our grocery bill is getting bigger. What are some of your money saving tips that I could find useful?


Jennifer - posted on 10/21/2010




I clip coupons, I don't save that much but I save a lot. Last week I saved $76. I shop at the commissary, a benefit for military families. Only clip coupons for the things you need or use. Don't say oh hey, kleenex papertowels for the bathroom. It's a waste of money. Like Schyla, I also buy meat in bulk and seperate it into how many pieces my family needs. Kmart often allows "double" couponing. I also sign up for a lot of freebies of things that I use online, because most of the time they come with coupons. You can get lots of free laundry soap (one wash load worth), body soap (trial size or travel sometimes), tampons, pads, shampoo. Also, if you have a problem with a product, do not hesitate to email the company because more often than not they will send you replacement coupons, ie FREE. Recently, I scored a coupon for a free bottle of advil and a free tub of cottonelle flushable wipes by signing up online... is a site I often use to look for freebies.

Schyla - posted on 10/21/2010




I am the oldest of 7 and the shopping was one of the things I did for mom. Here are a few things we did that helped cut costs (because clipping coupons seems like a huge project that people with a lot of kids just don't have time for) 1. I make a menu (weekly bi weekly or monthly depending on income) and then I make a list of all the recipes for every meal on my menu and then I go through the list and see what I already have and what and how much I need to buy. Then I look at the weekly ad's for each store in town (we have a winco walmart supercenter albertsons fredmyer and smiths) then I see who has the most of what I need on sale and then I plan out my route. Next when I make my shopping list I always make it out with all like items together (it means less time in the store and less buying of things I don't need) I also sometimes (like when I'm close to my due date with a baby) will make the meal twice as big and freeze half of it for a later meal. I always buy ALL of my meat in bulk and once I get it home I separate it out to the right sized meals. When school lunches were something I had to have on my list we would make home made bread and would plan our meals so they could also be used for lunch the next day (turkey, roast beef chicken) we didn't have a bread store growing up so making it was way cheaper (and tasted better) Plan ahead look for in store sales and if you do coupons buy an envelope to store them in and then keep it in your car so even if you don't remember to take it in it's still close enough that you can run out and grab it.

Brie - posted on 10/22/2010




i think the biggest place that you would have a chance at doing this would be at kroger because of the double coupons and stuff like that... i also know you can go online and download coupons onto your kroger plus card instead of clipping coupons but not sure how to do it my aunt told me she does it... also getting the gas rewards is a plus!!! i used to work for CVS/Pharmacy and we had a woman who was a regular come in right after christmas one year and she had over a hundred dollars worth of stuff but with her CVS card and coupons she clipped and coupons from CVS she left paying less than five bucks!!! (i was the one who rang her up) we had a few women do these kind of things another thing they told me was to watch for the places that give you gift cards for prescriptions.... we also had another lady who never paid for anything except her prescriptions and if on some off chance she did it wasn't anymore than two or three bucks!!! i clip coupons religiously and go online to look at the different store ads... depending on what i need if and where its on sale that is where i get it... yeah its tedious cutting out coupons and going to a couple places to shop but it is worth it!!!!

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Megan - posted on 10/26/2010




Thanks everyone for the awesome tips! Brittany I am Def. going to be looking into adding coupons onto my krogfer plus card...that would be amazing!!

Kira - posted on 10/22/2010




It is possible to save that much, I have a friend who does it- but being a coupon clipper of that magnitude takes a LOT of work. These days it means saving coupon ads for months, checking online for deals, and several trips to several different grocery stores. Check out,, and websites for brands you like (like Betty Crocker, Kraft, etc.). My friend thinks its a bad shopping trip if she doesn't save at least 80%. If you're looking for a way to help the household budget that is less time consuming, try working from home- it's what I do, and it is easy and a good income! See my website if you want to learn more!

Alecia - posted on 10/22/2010




some stores allow for double coupons IF they are 99 cents or lower. u really can get a cart of groceries for like 10 bucks, u just have to know what ur doing and spend time on it. i dont do it personally, but am thinking about it

Ashley - posted on 10/22/2010




Buy store brand (most things it's all the same where there is the occasional item that HAS to be name brand...) I do most all of my shopping at walmart. I mostly use coupons for diapers/wipes. I'm not sure how they get $300 worth for $5....Walmart always tells me they can't take more than one coupon for one item...

Bonnie - posted on 10/21/2010




I look through the flyers for the major grocery stores every week. So most items we buy are on sale and I look for the best deal if I can. I only go out shopping once a week--to me this helps save because a lot of people who go 3 times or more a week for a few things here and there often end up picking up other things and it adds up fast.

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