is it time? are we just trying to keep her as a little baby?

Ashley - posted on 03/06/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




ok so heres the thing we have a 22 month old (as of today ) and we just moved about a month ago I was wondering if it was time to move her to a toddler bed.. heres why I ask she will sleep fine in her crib for a nap and she will go down fine at bed time but she wakes up alot during the night my husband will go calm her down but tends to be that she will only calm if they lay on the floor and then she will sleep all night if I get her to put her in the crib she will wake up all the time? she would do this before we moved as well not as often tho so my question is .. is it toddler bed time? is it just because we moved? I am worried about putting her in the bed since I am afraid she will not want to sleep at all or is this just my way of keeping her my baby? she is our youngest and last :(

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Ashley - posted on 03/07/2011




thanks everyone.. she wont HATES it she only wants to sleep on the floor with daddy , we have tried just putting her back in crib once shes out but she wakes up about 30 mins later we have to figure something out because its killing my husbands back

Kimi - posted on 03/07/2011




Just get a little mat for them to lay on the floor with and let her stay there when she falls asleep. Or, just stick her in bed with you guys when she wakes during the night.

Casey - posted on 03/06/2011




I wouldn't put her into a toddler bed just yet I would wait and see if she settles down a bit more and gets back into her routine, maybe it's just because you have moved recently that shes feeling a little bit out of sorts, I'd invest in a nightlight for her if you haven't already got one.
I just think if you put her into a toddler bed now the problem is only going to get worse because she will be up and down all night, they do go though a stage at around 2 years of age where they like to start to test the boundries again cause they are getting that little bot older, I'd hang in there for a little bit longer and see what happens :)

Nadia - posted on 03/06/2011




It was about that age when we took our oldest (almost 5 now) out of her crib. i was worried about her falling out of bed though, so we just let her sleep on the crib mattress on the floor for a few months. Then when she turned 2 we bought her a twin sized bed (i didn't see the point of buying a toddler bed that she would only use for a couple years then we'd have to upgrade anyway) and we painted her room. she used to get out of bed A LOT but she eventually learned not to. Oh and the reason we took her out of the crib in the first place is she nearly climbed out of it a couple times... scared the crap outta me! honestly i would say your daughter is probably ready for a "big girl" bed... it sucks they have to grow up so fast.

Rachael - posted on 03/06/2011




Its probably not the crib thats keeping her up at night she could be having night mares or just needs to know that your still there. She will grow out of it but if you want to put her in a toddler bed then go for it, just make it as fun as possible. She may jump out of bed when she wakes up during the night, but she will learn to go back to bed herself after a while. Im pritty sure most toddlers wake during the night. My eldest still does every now and then and she is 3 soon.

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