Is it wrong?

Ashleigh - posted on 12/27/2010 ( 75 moms have responded )




I have friends on my social network who have tons of pictures of my daughter all over their profile. They have over 50 friends i DONT know, and people I DONT like. is it wrong to ask them to take my child off their profile and to ask before posting photos of her? Am i obsessing over keeping my kid safe and off the internet

-my profile is private and the ppl on it have seen, met, and are family of my daughter.

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Kerrie - posted on 12/31/2010




not at all!!!
she is your child and it is down to u.
i am exactly the same as you and dont have anyone i dont know or like having access to pics of my baby
people should have asked before putting them on there and have a little respect for you feeling s

Madelynne - posted on 12/30/2010




I understand not wanting you daughters picture all over other peoples facebook. I agree with asking them to take them off. I myself have gone through it and I asked them to take her pictures off. They had respect for me and took her pictures off.

Amanda - posted on 12/30/2010




it's not wrong to ask them to take the pictures off. I am the same way. I don't have pics of my kids all over fb or circle of moms.

Vanessa - posted on 12/30/2010




I would ask them to either take down the pictures, or at least secure them.
I have it so that pictures of my children aren't visible to anyone outside of my family/close friends list.
That being said, if they took the pictures themselves, technically there isn't too much you can do about it, short of asking them. If you took the picture, you can contact facebook and have it removed.

Emma - posted on 12/30/2010




its not wrong to ask them to take them off! when my baby girl was born i had to ask a friend to take off a picture she has put on her profile of my daughter. people shouldnt put pictures of children that arent theirs without asking permission from the parent xx

Elizabeth - posted on 12/30/2010




No its not wrong. Your motherly instincts are kicking in when it comes to the protection of your child. These days you can never be to sure and its better to be safe then sorry. Family should be okay because theres no intent to hurt her but even though your friends dont want to hurt her, they have no need to have pics of ur daughter without your permission. Tahts just how it is

Becky - posted on 12/30/2010




Yes!!!! It is YOUR daughter and you as her parent have every right to want whats best for her!! I feel people now a days trust their kids with way to many people! Everyday you turn on the TV its a child abused, kidnapped, sexually abused people really need to be more of an "overprotectorI" of their children!!! I think you are doing the right thing and Im glad Im not the only "proctector" out their!

JoDee - posted on 12/30/2010




You can never be too safe when it comes to internet and children...I think everyone knows that.

JoDee - posted on 12/30/2010




Like Alecia says, everyone has a different opinion, but myself, I have been asked to please not post pics of someone's child and it was in no way shape or form offensive or anything to me, I totally understand if someone doesn't want that. I have pics of my children and family on FB, but also my profile is private. You shouldn't feel bad or different or rude to ask someone to remove your childs pic from their profile. Just tell them you would appreciate it if they removed it because you don't feel comfortable with it. If they are true friends, they will respect your choice and will be glad to comply. :-)

Trish - posted on 12/30/2010




Tell them. My sister in law told me and her brother she doesn't want posted photos of her kids on our profiles. Trust your gut. Tell them take the photos down.

Sarah - posted on 12/30/2010




it is your child so you as a mother have the right to say where you want your childs picture posted, don't hesitate if this is something that you feel you need to do. In this situation you have the upper hand, good luck

Kiera - posted on 12/29/2010




Not even a little. That's YOUR child and YOUR privacy and asking them to remove it should not be offensive to them, but rather a mother protecting her child.

Katie - posted on 12/29/2010




Not wrong at all! She's your daughter, and her safety is in your hands! You know what's best for her, and if that means simply requesting that her pictures at the very least be put in a private album where only she and you can see, that's not an impossible request, and she won't have to delete these pictures she obviously likes!

Tiffany - posted on 12/28/2010




You absolutely have EVERY right to ask them to take them down! They should understand. It's a hard situation, I had this issue with my best friend and still with my sister. My sister friends EVERYONE and their mother...I let her keep a very few on her page and that's it. If you don't feel comfortable with it, then ask them to take the pictures down. They shouldn't be taking the pictures without your permission as it is.

Stifler's - posted on 12/28/2010




I agree, I don't upload pics of anyone's kid without asking them first.

Wendy - posted on 12/28/2010




Nope I agree She's your daughter and your Business, I would understand if it was a grandparent or a close reletive but Randoms...yeah U stick it to em.

Jackie - posted on 12/27/2010




Not at all. Youre just doing your part as a mother. I did the same thing with my son. You have the right to plaster your child all over your profile but its my firm belief that you can ask to have them remove their pics. After all youre responcible for this child and since you dont know the other people on their profile then you have no clue if your friends friends are petophiles of not.

C. - posted on 12/27/2010




Oh no, hun.. You have every right to ask those people to quit posting pictures of your child.. This is about the safety of YOUR daughter and they should be courteous to ask before posting anyway. I would definitely ask them to take them down.

Momma - posted on 12/27/2010




No it isn't wrong. In fact I think there is a clause in there that they must obtain permission of the people in the picture before posting. If you aren't comfortable with it you have every right to take any and all actions to get them off the internet.

Candace - posted on 12/27/2010




I do the same if I take pictures at a family gathering of my friends kids(most of my friends are really close with my family) If it really bothers you I would just tell them that you want to be the one putting up pictures of your daughter or to ask if it's ok for them to do so

Sarh - posted on 12/27/2010




I don't think you are wrong at all!!! I don't even allow my daughter's sperm donor of a father to post her picture because he is no good and I don't trust his little hoodlum friends! I completely understand where you are coming from!

Jennifer - posted on 12/27/2010




There is nothing wrong with asking them to take the pictures off. She is your daughter and as a parent it is your responsibility to keep her safe. If your friends are true friends they will do as you ask. Some of them may not completely understand why, but they should respect your wishes.

Nicole - posted on 12/27/2010




I know better than to post photos of my son's friends on facebook without their permission.

You are not wrong to ask your friends to take the photos off, but you should be prepared that the request may ruffle a few feathers.

Alecia - posted on 12/27/2010




we have a lil different opinions on this ( i myself plaster my daughter all over my fb, BUT all my photos are for friends only). but i say that u have every right to ask that of people. she's ur daughter and u are doing what u feel u need to to protect her.

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