Little mummy sick of peoples nasty comments towards my build

Emily - posted on 03/30/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




Hello. Im a mother to a two year old and have another on the way (21 weekspregnant). I am natuarlly a small size 6. I put on a little wieght with my daughter i went up to a size 8 but it fell right off when i breastfeed her. Im selfconcoius enough without people commenting on how little i am and that i dont look pregnant. i cant find merternity clothes that fit me so im restricted to trackies. I should be happy with my body i dont have any of the stretch marks most women get i didnt have to loose any baby fat but if anything iv become a hermit and i dont like my husband touching me. is anyone else the same?

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Cherissa-Lynn - posted on 04/01/2009




Ive always been self consious about my self..  I was 18 when I got pregnat with my first .. I was in university for my auto tech and became pregnant half way threw.  So I was skeptical about my weight from the begining .. being a class of 17 other guys plus the whole trade building. I weighed in at about 130 when I got pregnant and gained 65 pounds with my first ...  Carried 41 weeks.  I was freaken out all through out it ... I hated shopping for clothes since Ive always had wide hips ; ( Child barring hips )  so none of the maternity cloths fit well for me .. at all .. shirt did to some extent ..  I stuck to sweats and t shirts ...  ( mind you I went through the summer months )  After I had Elexia ... I lost the weight within 6 months .. Got pregnant again wtih my second .. when Lexi was 8 months old .. I was down to 120 pounds by this time .. and didnt know I was pregnant till I was already 13 weeks  :)
I didnt really show until the last 3.5 months and I weighed in at 215 pounds with her when I gave birth .. to Jaiden ...
SO I totally get how you feel .. Its tough to go through it .. I leaned on my freinds and some of their mom's stories lol
and as for the not wanting to be touched .. its prefectly fine :)
Its how you feel at the moment .. and you more then in the " okay " to feel like that .. Every pregnancy is diffrent.
Try not to worry too much about :)  Enjoy the time you have you left with the lil one growing inside you :)
Good luck :)

User - posted on 03/31/2009




I was the envy of my sisters and a lot of my female co-workers. I didn't show until I was about 5-6mos along. I was all baby though when I did start showing. I only gained about 30lbs during my pregnancy and lost it all plus more within 3 months of having my son. Both of my sisters gained over 50lbs with their pregnancies, they also both started showing when they were only 3 months along. I also have no stretch marks, and my sisters are full of them. At my baby shower no one believed how far along I was and kept saying how "tiny" I was and that I should "eat more". It was so annoying!!

Emily - posted on 03/31/2009




I showed earlier and earlier each time. I have carried three full term pregnancies. THe first I was very skinny and didn't even show at all til 6 mos. It was a bit earlier with the second and crazy early (8 weeks) with the third. The weight melted off each time. I was 93 lbs when my oldest child (2nd pregnancy) was 9 months. I have been told I would have to have a csection if I ever got pregnant. they said that purely based on my size. Both my children were born full term, healthy , and at home with no drugs.

[deleted account]

nope, i am not fortunate to have your problem, but dont worry about it. Your LUCKY very lucky. God made you the way you are so dont let anybody cut you down.

Sally - posted on 03/31/2009




hey, im the opposite, i was never thin but never fat either, i have 2 children, after my first one the weight i had gained fell right off during breastfeeding, unfortunatly the stretchmarks stayed. Now after my second child, the weight wont seem to move, and my husband doesnt understand why im concious, and why i dont like being touched anymore.

Sarah - posted on 03/31/2009




i understand what you mean being small and haveing everyone comment that i don't look like i had 2 kids and after all the weight was gone me breasts were a little smaller and i was back to what i weighed before our first. now i get are you losing weight?? you need to eat more. you look too small. some of my maternity clothes were a little big. i had to go shopping in a different city to find a store. i think that someone needs to create a line of clothes for smaller people it seems to be an untapped market. for the younger or just smaller pregnant women.

can you find maybe clothes that are stretchy and a size bigger?

don't let people get to you too much they don't always get it when they make these comments.

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before i had my daughter i was a 5/7 and then when i got pregnant i didnt really show until 5 1/2 months and NO ONE believed me it was ridiculous, but then the last two months i ballooned out and people were asking if i was due that day, so it kinda swings both way, people are just ignorant sometimes and you just gotta roll with the punches and laugh it off. Its the hardest after you have the baby and you still look and feel like your 6 months prego, i stopped worrying after awhile cuz i was just so tired lol. My daughter is 8 months now and im still trying lose baby pounds ( 10 to go! )

explain to your husband how you feel and i think you will be surprized that he doesnt see you in the same light you see yourself..

Kerrie Denise - posted on 03/31/2009




hi, i had the same problem as u, i found out i was pregnant wiv my first at 16yrs old and i was a size 6, i went thru nearly the whole pregnancy with no bump, jus got massive boobs!! i too was lucky i hav a tattoo on my tummy and thought it was gonna b covered in stretch marks but fortunately i hav never had any with either of my daughters. (5yrs and 8 month old)

i wore jeans and combats and found sum stretchy vest tops as none of the maternity clothes were my size, u shud try and look in ordinary shops for clothes that stretch, i hav dun so wiv both pregnancies and i still got 2 look good in the high street clothes as most of the maternity clothes i c arent that nice neway.

i was in new look the other day n theyv started 2 do maternity clothes in smaller sizes n sum of the t-shirts u can get r really cute.

it used 2 get me down alot pple making comments, asking if i was sure i only had a week left wen theyd jus seen anotha pregnant woman who was double the size of me who werent due 4 another 2 months!! i also had 2 go 2 hospital evry otha day 2 b put on the baby heart monitor because i was also told i was having a small baby and i'd hav a scan a week and i had tests done 2 c if the baby was gettin enuff oxygen, blood etc. My daughter was fine, they jus told me it was bcuz of the size of my body that id hav small babies, but it used 2 really worry me wen pple used 2 make comments bcuz id worry that there must b sumthin wrong wiv the baby cuz members of the public was picking up on it.

people dont realise theyr jus adding even more pressure 2 u.

and the bit that u ask about ur hubby, i dont no a single woman who at sum point of their pregnancy jus wants 2 shout leave me alone at their other half!!!! jus try not 2 worry, ignore wot pple say, theyr jus nosy pple that aint got nothing intresting goin on in their own life soo feel the need 2 butt in2 otha pples.

keep ur chin up chick n let uz no wots goin on xxxx

Carina - posted on 03/30/2009




Unfortunately I can't say I had quite the same problem as i am normally a size 16 but i did get some discouraging comments, as I naturally carry under my ribs and don't show much I always got "you don't even look pregnant" all the time. Unfortunately as we can't stop strangers making idiotic comments, my concern would be that you have are feeling so isolated. Have you ever heard of Ante-Natal Depression, it is a form of Post-natal depression that occurs during pregnancy due to the whole hormone thing! I had it with bub number two and it certainly made any comments others made seem even worse than they were. The dr can help if you think it's at all possible you have it, and also regarding hubby not touching you, there is also a hormone that increases during pregnancy that can actually make you feel pysically sick with any skin contact, I have had that problem 3 times now, so don't think your going crazy if you don't like to be touched!!

Kylie - posted on 03/30/2009




I was one of those mums who was "all baby" during my pregnancies, I got the "your tiny!!" and "you don’t even look pregnant from behind" comments from friends and strangers. I only gained 9 kilos and the day before my baby was born a pregnant woman and her mother I got talking to in the shops said “oh you won’t be having your baby anytime soon, you haven’t even dropped yet." The only maternity clothing I bought was a pair of jeans and a few stretch tank tops. I was proud of the fact I could still wear my dresses and skirts at nine months. I feel you need to look at the positives here; you have a tiny miracle growing inside you! Plus being small means you can exercise during this pregnancy and stay fit so the birth will be easier, it doesn’t matter what your size is as long as you are healthy and your baby is growing. Think of all those poor women who gain 20+ kilos and struggled for years to get back what they had pre-pregnancy. I bet many of them would kill for your tiny stretch mark free frame. Does your husband tell you how beautiful you are? You owe it to you children to work on loving yourself for the great mother and person you are. If you have love and pride in yourself it won’t matter what the outside world thinks about you. You sound like you may be a little depressed, perhaps you need some extra support and help from someone to adjust your perspective on your looks. Good luck.

Kate CP - posted on 03/30/2009




Wow, you have the opposite problem I have. It's hard when you have body image issues. My husband always tells me he loves how I look and thinks I'm sexy but all I see in the mirror is bumps and bulges in all the wrong places. I'll be honest: at first I wanted to respond with "Lucky you!" but when I got to thinking about it, it's the same problem I have just reversed. Have you thought about making your own maternity clothes? I don't know if you're very handy with a sewing machine (I'm not) but that may be an easy way for you to have nice maternity clothes that fit. I wish you good luck on your quest for a healthy body image. You will also probably feel a lot better about yourself after you have the baby and all the hormones have calmed down. Being preggers can do a number on your emotions. *hugs*

...cute baby, btw. :)

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