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Hello All- Well, in 1 week from Monday I have to leave my little girl at the babysitter and get back to work. I am scared and nervous and excited all at the same time. I do have lots of questions though about how I can start getting prepared to make sure that I have everything ready that she is going to need, so I need your help please. Some questions may be dumb so be kind. Also, I'm a single mom so I am really nervous about leaving her since I have been with her so much anything you can suggest or if you have any tips just let me know. Thank You, Erin #1- My daughter, LilaRay, is a breastfeed baby, how many bags of milk am I going to need to take to the sitter if she is eating every 4 hours? She will be at the sitter from 7:30am to 5:30pm and I should be able to go there for my hour lunch and feed her (or pump if she's already eaten) #2- When I pump my milk, I pump for 10 min (it's a double pump), and I get about 3 oz on each side, so can I assume she is eating 6 oz every 4 hours cause she eats about 10 min on each side? #3- I know that I need to have her diaper bag, extra clothes, extra diapers, bottles, breast milk, pacifiers, wipes, and blankets, what else do I need to make sure the sitter has? #4- I know I'm supposed to pump every 4 hours if I'm away from her, I have 2 15 min breaks that I plan to pump during and I plan to go and feed her or pump during my hour lunch, then she'll get the breast at night, do you think I'll be able to keep up my milk supply? Especially if she is sleeping about 6 hours at night? #5- Should I go get formula in case I don't produce as much milk? #6- How do I tell if I'm not producing enough milk? I am open to any other tips or suggestions about leaving my little one with a sitter while I work.

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You all have some really great tips for me thank you.  I'm doing my best to put my mind at ease.  I knew it would be hard just not this hard.  I really appreciate anything you all have to say and I will probably will try everything to find out what works.  I am a totall planner so I have been freaking out for the last week and I'm glad to know that I have you all to talk to.

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I know that the suggestion is to actually freeze the milk in bags of 2 or 3 ounces.  So if the baby ends up wanting more the milk isn't going to waste.  Since you are working that is really going to be important to you.  With pumping it is harder to keep up with supply.  Because your body isn't nursing on demand you end up losing your supply earlier than normal.  It is hard to continue pumping once you hit a certain point.  Often times 9 months is the point that your body just can't keep up with demand while pumping.  I would try to nurse during the day and let the baby nurse as much as possible at nighttime.   Don't go to formula until you have to.  You can still nurse and give formula if that is what you want to do.  You can tell you aren't making enough milk pretty easily.  But that probably won't be as much of an issue with you.  You are getting a lot from the pump so I wouldn't worry about that right now.  I was THRILLED if I got 2 ounces (total) when I pumped.  I would just nurse as much as I can when you are with your daughter and not miss your pumping times.  

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Your a mom, There are no dumb questions! Especially being a first-time-mom it's very natural to have so many questions :)

#1 I agree with Jenn, you can never give too much milk. Breast fed babies tend to be hungrier than formula fed babies, because they don't get as much of a supply. You can buy breast milk freezer bags, and keep an extra supply.

#2 Everyone is different, you might reduce or maintain your supply of breast milk.You should be able to keep up your supply, but if you're pumping very often, you're not giving your breasts time refill. Usually you'll be able to feel your milk ducts by pressing lightly on your breast. When you feel lumps on your breasts, those are usually the milk ducts that are full.


-Pack a thermometer! You want the sitter to be able to take her temperature in case of any fever. You wouldn't want them to use one that they use on other children. Since she's younger than 1 year, it will have to be a rectal temp.

- Make sure you leave a list of all phone numbers, like the pediatricians (just in case) and an emergency contact in case the sitter can't reach you.

- If she's on any special medications or if she has any known allergies - make a list

- Diaper rash cream or any ointment

That's all I can think of, off the top of my head. I hope it's helpful! Please let me know if you have any other questions :)

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Ok, if she eats every 4 hours and she's at the sitters from 7:30 - 5:30 then I would plan to feed her at 6:30 am.  Then she would be due to eat again at 10:30, 2:30 and 6:30 (at which point you would be home).  I would go ahead and plan on taking 3 five ounce bags of milk.  Even though you think she only eats 4 ounces a feeding it doesn't hurt to pump a little exxtra for her just in case, besides it's only 1 ounce more.  And if she doens't take the extra bag then you can just leave it at your sitters for the next day.  I would not give her formula, but that's just me.  Formula is a different consistency and is a lot sweeter than breasmilk and sometimes after a baby has a bottle of formula she won't go back to the breast.  But I guess that really just depends if you want to wean her right now.  Now, as far as pumping at work goes, according to breast feeding laws your employer has to provide you with time and a place to pump so I wouldn't worry abouy that too much.  Your milk supply may decrease a little but as long as you are pumping and actually breastfeeding her a couple times a day it won't go away.  If your baby isn't getting enough milk she'll let you know!  It does sound like you need a new pump though.  If you're only getting 4 ounces in 10 minutes your pump may not be strong enough.  I use the Lansinoh manual pump and get 6 ounces from 1 breast in 5 minutes.  So, that's something you might want to look in to.

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Erin, Been there done, that. I was a nervous wreck when I went back to work after my first! I still have the handwritten note I left with the babysitter of all of these instructions that now I just look back on and laugh about. But here is some advice that can hopefully get you some sleep.

#1: You can never give too much milk. My son is at his sitter's house from 9am to 7pm, so pretty much the same amount of time, and I bring 4 4oz bottles. (He is 3 months right now) The sitter also has a few spare bags of milk in her freezer just in case. But your baby may eat more or less, It's really hard to say. you'll find out afte the first couple of days.

#2: It depends. In general, a baby is more efficient at sucking so she may actually be eating more. On the other hand, baby sucking tends to slow down in the end, while a breast pump does not. The best way to test this is to give your little girl a bottle and see how much actually satisfies her at the feeding.

#3: I think that's about it... I can't think of anything else I leave except the car seat.

#4: The past two times, I wasn't able to keep up with the pumping. I had to supplement with formula at 4 months and milk supply started to dwindle drastically after that. But this time things seem to be going well. I feed my son or pump as late as I can in the morning before leaving the house. I'm not able to feed him on my lunch break, but I pump everying 3-4 hours and then feed him as soon as we get home. Things seem to have worked themselves into a pattern and my milk supply is just fine.

#5: Dont buy it unless it comes down to it. Just leave the sitter with some spare milk to freeze. Once you start supplementing your body will produce less milk and the cycle will continue to go downwards.

#6: Just make sure you're pumping what your baby is being bottle fed during the day. If you start to see that your baby is consuming more than you're able to pump, you may have to change something. Pumping at closer intervals etc. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat as best you can.

Feel free to email me. Talk to as many other moms as you can. Your nerves will ease once you get back to work.

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