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The following are guidelines from Circle of Moms that should be used when posting to this community:

"Our guidelines are simple and are meant to help maintain an atmosphere of generosity and respect, so that everyone can have a positive experience here. They can be boiled down to this: please always try to add value to this community rather than take it away. Also, keep the phrase "No T.H.U.M.P.S." in mind. It stands for

Threats (You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence or illegal acts against others.)

Hate Speech (No slurs or stereotyping.)

Unlawful Use (You may not use Circle of Moms for unlawful purposes or promotion of illegal activities. If it's illegal where you live or in the state of California it's illegal here.)

Misrepresentation (You must be who you say you are. No false profiles or false children's profiles.)

Personal attacks (You may not abuse, slander, or vilify another member.)

Spam (You may not publish or post solicitations or advertisements except in designated areas.)"

If you see a post that violates one of these guidelines please feel free to 'flag as inappropriate.' ***EDIT*** Circle of Moms has changed 'flag as inappropriate' to 'report' It still serves the same function (reporting an inappropriate post).

Please note: Moderators can now see who flags and their reason for doing so. Do not flag just because someone’s opinion differs to yours, in such a large forum not everyone will agree, we are here to share our experience and advice. We will not tolerate unnecessary and pointless flagging. Members who continue to flag gratuitously will be blocked from contributing to this community.

Our community frowns upon solicitations, so please do not post them here.There are a number of places on Circle of Moms where you can post about your business: a community dedicated to work from home opportunities, and the Mom Store, where you can place an add for your business or product: Here are the links:

Work-from-Home Business Opportunities Community:

Mom Store:

The following are considered solicitations and are not allowed:

- Work from home recruitment pitches

- Dieting ads

- Personal business ads

- Posting diaper codes

- Posting requests for votes in a contest (such as requesting for members to vote for your child in something).

- Requests for donations to a charitable cause

- Posts asking for ideas on how to work from home. These are asking members to solicit which is not allowed. Please visit the Circle of Moms Store or the Work-From-Home community for ideas.


If you are doing academic research and/or would like members to fill out information or surveys please send me a private message and I can instruct you on what steps to take to post those.

Violators of these guidelines will receive one warning. If there are any further violations you will be blocked from posting in this community.

I have received several questions about why threads get locked. Threads can be locked for any of the following reasons:

1. The orignial poster can lock their own thread at any time. You can do this by clicking on "Admin Options" under the title of the thread. Then click "close conversation to further comments" to lock the thread.

2. The thread has 100+ responses. We close these to allow newer threads to move to the top of the board to receive attention/advice/help.

3. Several posts in the thread have been flagged as inappropriate.

4. The thread has turned into an argument or has gone off topic

Happy posting!




Nqobile - posted on 06/28/2010




Good post,because we have others saying that we are very rude to each other when we respond to diff. questions.Nice to have guide lines so every one can be happy.We are all here to help each other,not to bring down.

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Jenny - posted on 07/19/2011




The link for the work from home isn't working... it keeps saying an error ocurred.

Michelle - posted on 03/07/2011




I agree. There was a person on here that I asked to be taken off because she posted nothing bur rude and disrespectful stuff. Her profile was so fake and nasty it was hard to look at, but I must say Cirlce of Moms took care of it with in days of me telling them about it and told me they were doing everthing they can to stop her from creating a new account. Circle of Moms is about moms helping other moms and conecting with others who have the same questions and problems.

Maria Teresa - posted on 10/25/2010




So the rules are great but I'm lost i thought i had requests for moms n fans but idk how to work this page? I'd update more if i could figure this thing out lol.

[deleted account]

Karen, that's fine! You're still a young mom. Since you have 5 kids I assume you had kids when you were 20-30 and know what other young moms are going through . :) We're happy to have you!

Karen - posted on 09/25/2010




Well, I am a new member of the group, but I'm technically not within the age range since I just turned 31 a few weeks ago. But I still consider myself a young mom since I have 5 kids ages 6-13. I hope that this is OK...

[deleted account]

If you click on "my communities" at the top it will list all of the communities. Look for Young Moms and under that there should be a "leave this community" button. That should do it. Hope that helps!

Ann - posted on 09/19/2010




I got on this community by accident. I am not a young mom...l am an old mom! How do I get out? I've tried and can't. Thanks.

Tesha - posted on 09/10/2010




I have been recieving emails from this site and there is always an interesting topic plus several moms I know.

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