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My baby girl turns 1 on July 7th. I know she can start drinking whole milk when she turns one. But this is my plan. Give her milk out of a sippy cup the day she turns one. This is my first child, so my question is this. Is that the right way to do that or should I approach it a different way? And the thing with my baby girl is that she transitions really well. She will eat anything and loves juice and water. I really don't feel that she will have a problem transitioning to milk. But I just want to have some opinions if I should do that the day she turns one. Thanks:)

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Our daughter was switched to whole milk around 18 months or so because we had to start her out on soy milk (she had to be on soy formula as well because she couldn't tolerate the dairy..however, this had to do with her being preemie we believe..). When she was finally switched over, she did just fine. Our son was switched at about a year, as soon as the doctor gave us the okay.

I would say to take it slow though and just give a little at a time, just in case she doesn't tolerate it well or if she isn't liking it. We didn't have any issues transitioning ours either. They both switched over very easily and like your little girl, they both drank water and juice too (well, the juice was the 100% juice, but mixed with water to dilute it a bit).

But like I said, I would take it slow, and wait until your doctor gives you the okay before doing it. Sometimes they like you to wait a little longer, so it's always better to check with the doctor first.

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Breast milk is much healthier than cows milk! if you are breastfeeding, please continue. you can give milk out of a sippy cup. if she has a reaction, stop for a while.

Cows milk is VERY VERY hard for humans to digest. Most adults have a degree of lactose intolerance. You can try goats milk which is closer in make up to human milk. it can be expensive and hard to find though.

Please also stop giving your little girl juice. it provides NO nutritional value and is primarily sugar. It is empty calories.

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wean her, half half breast milk or formula with whole milk for a week then gradually only milk. Whole milk straight away is a big change.

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The recommended age to start milk is 12 months. I started giving my daughter whole milk yogurt before she was a year old and watched for reactions. Then during her 11th month I gave her about 2 ounces of milk a day and watched for reactions. By the time she was a year she was drinking whole milk like a pro...never any problems.

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