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Mandy - posted on 11/19/2009 ( 23 moms have responded )




What do you guys think about giving your child the MMR shot? I am worried about my daughter becoming autistic because of it. Any other shots that people think might cause this?


Charlie - posted on 11/19/2009




There is no link between Autism and MMR .
IMO its a lot of scare mongering by the anti's.

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Jessica - posted on 11/22/2009




And I want to quote something one of the mothers on COMs said

"Over all it came to, the worst case senario on either side.
I would rather a baby that had a complication than no baby at all"

This just says it all for me really!

Andrea - posted on 11/21/2009




My daughter had all her immunizations, including MMR, and has not had any signs of autism. She's very bright and loves to cuddle & tell me & her dad how much she loves us! I was nervous about having her immunized, so I had her pediatrician split the shots up. She had one, occasianlly two shots at once, never any more than that at once. We'd just make an appointment to go back a week or two later for a nurse visit to get the remaining vaccinations needed. This made me feel comfortable about putting so many strong medications into her little body. If you have a family history of autism, ADHD (some say erlated to autism) or other genetic disorders, I would be hesitant, maybe talk to a specialist first. Good luck with your decision!

[deleted account]

I agree that there has been no scientific proof done to link autism to vaccines, however, there isnt any scientific proof that it doesnt trigger a predisposition that your child might have. I dont think that its a concioncidence that the rate of autsim went from one in ten thousand to one in one hundred fifty since the usage of mecury preservatives in vaccines was fda approved. and i also dont like the fact that the very ppl who make these vaccines are the same ones who test them to see if it can cause autism. anyone can make statistics sway their way. i have given my child all of her mandatory shots so far but I always ask for murcury free, and i dont let them give cocktail vaccines or more than two at a time. my daughter will be getting her first mmr shots next month and i already called ahead to the dr and let them know i dont want the cocktail form. It your kid so its your decision. good luck and i suggest researching everything you can and if you still dont fell comfortable then do get it

Sharalyn - posted on 11/21/2009




I do not believe Autisim can be caused by giving your child a shot that can prevent him/her from getting a potentially fatal illness. My daughter is all up to date on her shots, except for the H1N1 vaccine because TX ran out. Also keep in mind that vaccines have not been scientifically proven to cause Autisim it is a theory not a fact. Keep your child safe as much as possible. If you do not wish for your daughter to have the shot, that is your personal decision. But let others (ie parents) know of your choice so that their younger children who have not (or are not able to) recieved the MMR vaccine can keep a safe distance from your daughter if anything (God forbid) does occur. You do not want to have the guilt of another child becoming ill because of your choice not to have your daughter vaccinated. This is my personal opinion, I am not trying to offend you or step on your toes, but parents ought to know the personal decisions you have made for your daughter, if you choose not to vaccinate her. You, as a parent, want to keep everyone safe. Hope this helps.

Janelle - posted on 11/20/2009




its proven that its not that particular shot thats doing it. all the shots contain some amount of mercury in it. when you go to the doctors make sure at most they only do two shots at once. if you have a shot cocktail that will be an increase on the mercury. so you can as the doctors to give the mmr separately. like do one or two one day and finish the other another day. or you dont have to give it at all. if you think how many babies/kids get that vaccination then if you dont give it to your child then whats the odd of them catching it when all the other kids are vaccinated. you get it. hope this was a help.

Ansley - posted on 11/20/2009




I was skeptical myself because my mother works with autistic children everyday. To be safe, I just spaced out my son's shots a well as I could. I think the most he got was two at a time and the MMR was by itself. This way, he doesn't have too much going into his system at once.

Lydia - posted on 11/20/2009




I also dont believe that there is any real evidence that vaccinating causes autism so my daughter will definately be getting all her vaccinations as appropriate - but you have to be comfortable with it. When you do your research dont just look at the risks of vaccinating - look at the risks should your child actually contract one of those diseases as well and then make your mind up based on which risk is lesser

Ajia - posted on 11/19/2009




I am also recommend The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. It's unbiased information. You can't take someone else's word for it - just because their child didn't become autistic after vaccinations means nothing. And just because one child did doesn't mean all children will. You need to educate yourself and make your own decision as an informed adult and parent. Trust me, there are just as many people on both sides of the issue.

Nicole - posted on 11/19/2009




Your child has more chance of catching a life threatning illness if u dont vaccinate and thats why my child is vaccinated because i could not live with my self if she got sick and in Australia you cannot enrol your child in school with out a completed vaccination record

Samantha - posted on 11/19/2009




I don't believe that vaccinations cause autism, but I am choosing not to vaccinate my son for other reasons.

On top of the toxic ingredients in vaccines, I just don't see the need to do anything to a healthy immune system. However, if you aren't breastfeeding, your child is at a much higher risk because he/she isn't getting your antibodies.

Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your child's immune system.

I highly recommend The Vaccine Book By Dr. Sears. It's completely unbiased, just the facts about each vaccine. It tells you what's in, how it's made, how seriousl the disease is, what the likelihood of your child catching said disease is, and just about anything else you could want to know about a vaccine.

Nikki - posted on 11/19/2009




I personally do not vaccinate my son and it's not only because of the Autism scare. I read the book The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears and was shocked by the ingredients.

[deleted account]

Ya, I was freaked out about that shot but I talked to my babys doctor and she told me that even tho that's what ppl are saying happens, there is alot more to it then just the shot. There is no scientific proof that the MMR shot has caused the autism. Usually its because the autism is noticed around the same time.... Ask your baby's pediatrician for info on the subject. Mine pointed me to a website.... Its only recently that ppl are starting to fuss about the shot, so look at all the good it has done. Its scary giving your child shots, that's normal. But think of all the diseases and problems ppl used to have before they immunized. :)

Jemma - posted on 11/19/2009




I think the only thing you should ask yourself is - if i do not vaccinate my child, will i be able to live with the outcome if he/.she does catch one of the life threatening diseases!

Christine - posted on 11/19/2009




It is a worry that I think crosses many parent's minds. The MMR doesn't and never did contain mercury. The tetanus shot, dTap, and the flu shot still do. You can request a mercury free flu shot, if available. I feel, this is the best choice for anyone. It isn't only mercury that some feel causes autism. It is the whole kitten kaboodle. Our children have so much crap pumped into them in a single visit at the doctors for vaccines, and there are soo many extra things in the vaccines. Aluminum is in vaccines, in quite a few of them, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, MSGetc. There are only trace amounts of these in EACH of the vaccines, but when added together, how safe is that? None of us know. Personally, I feel that if a parent is going to vaccinate the best option is to spread out the vaccines, and minimize the number of aluminum containing vaccines a visit. Your child will still be covered, but will give her little body time to process all that has gone into it.

There is so much information out there. I suggest informing yourself on all the ingredients, pros and cons, travel considerations, how common the disease is, etc and then make the choice. Don't just trust my word, your doctors word, any one else' your own research. That is the best way to learn. I worry about vaccines, and am still up in the air. I don't feel I can ever be informed enough to make the best decision. There isn't any one thing telling you it is 100% safe, ya know? I don't like that. I hate it.

Check out The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears or his website:

Melissa - posted on 11/19/2009




My daughter got the shot, as I genuinely believe that people with autism are born with a predisposition for autism, as the brain of an autistic person is larger, and processes information differently. It is a routine vaccination that babies get everyday, without complications. Try not to worry, and as mentioned, ask for the shot without thimerisol. But please realize that if you are afraid to get a tried and tested vaccine, then it makes no sense to not fear eating fish, gluten or cassein. It may be that certain children are genetically more susceptible to certain types of food allergies, or more likely to react badly to certain environmental toxins. All that said, a child with autism will likely exhibit signs of it with or without the shot. Might as well protect our kids from something that scientists fully understand, such as mumps, measles and rubella.

Mandy - posted on 11/19/2009




Thank you all for your help. I have heard so many different opinions on this subject. I just want to do what is best for my baby... I know she needs the shot, but on the other hand I don't want to put her in danger because of it. It's a very difficult decision!

Stephanie - posted on 11/19/2009




All I can tell you is that our little guy got the shot and nothing is wrong with him.

Ashley - posted on 11/19/2009




I don't believe it causes autism. There is no proof it does. Unfortunately there is also not 100% proof it doesn't, but, there really isn't 100% chance of anything.

What brought up the thought of it causing autism is usually children are diagnosed with autism around the time of the MMR vaccine.

A dear friend of mine has a daughter who is autistic and she does NOT blame the MMR vaccine.

I agree with Anna in that you could just request a thimerisol-free vaccine. Although remember, eating a tuna sandwich has as much if not more than the vaccine! :)

Good luck with your decision. This is a highly controversal subject!

Anna - posted on 11/19/2009




Vaccines do not cause autism. There has never been one scientifically based study that indicated a link between thimerisol (a mercury-based preservative that was thought to be dangerous) and autism, though manufacturers of vaccines have since removed it from many (but not all) common childhood vaccines. MMR is one of the few that still contains thimerisol. If you wish, you can request a thimerisol-free vaccine be administered.

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