Mother and Child in Desperate need of sleep...PLEASE HELP!

Jennifer - posted on 12/08/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm a mother of a 2 yr. old boy and I am also a full time pre-law college student. I work on the weekends at night to try and scrape by and when my son is with a babysitter there is no fuss when it comes to bedtime. Myself on the other hand I all of a sudden cannot get him to go to sleep when his bedtime rolls around. I had it to where (since he was a year old) that he would just go to sleep with a sippy cup and my kissing him goodnight and shutting his door.

I just had leg surgery in August so therefore he was at his grand parents house for two and a half months. They did the cursed rocking him to sleep rutine at night time. Since he has been back at home with me (Middle of November) it has taken everything that I have to try and get him back to the way it was. I have NEVER been able to rock him to sleep even when he was an infant. Its not the getting him to sleep part its the getting up from the chair and carrying him to bed part.

Now all of a sudden (just this week) he decided that he doesn't want his door shut. Ok...I tried that for a bit. He just keeps coming in and out, in and out, in and get the picture. The only time that I am able to do homework is when he is asleep. I don't want him to start being in my bed because that is really bad for kids and I know that once you start that you can never get them out.

I'm in desperate need of some advice...I'm running on super empty and we both need to get some sleep to stay sane. Please help!

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Haha. Wow! You sound just like I did 6 months ago. I am also in my undergrad to get into law, working for a lawyer part-time and raising a little boy that ha the same issues.

1.) I can't stress this enough: do NOT let him start sleeping with you again. Not at this age.

2.) I started up a thorough bed time routine starting at 7, and by the time it was 8 he was knocked out. First, bath. From 7-7:30, he would get to play in the bad. The first 10 minutes was cleaning. Then I'd read a text book for 20 while he played.

3.) Pajama's and snack. Fill up the rest of that tummy, have a good little talk. After, brush teeth and go into his room.

4.) Reading time. For about 10-15 minutes Atticus and I would work out a puzzle, read a couple stories and sing songs.

5.) Turning on th "nightlight" I would turn on the nightlight and off the main light. Then he would get a couple things he wanted to sleep with (i.e.: duckie, book, puzzle piece-hey, whatever works). Then we had the "Nuh-night" song. This gave him to chance to say goodnight to everyone he knows.

6). Then I kiss him and hug him goodnight. And promise to see him tomorrow. I keep the door propped open with a hockey stick so he can still see into the hallway, but the rest of the lights on the floor are turned off.

7.) I go downstairs in the living room and start homework. I usually get 3 hours hours in after 8... if I'm good.

Shell - posted on 12/09/2009




I had quiet a lot off trouble with my son now 3years i would sit beside his bed in a growely voice Lay Down, on a bad night i would pat gently on his back or leg for 10minutes or so till he carmed down, Never patting him to sleep. I could move back a step each week till i was standing outside his bedroom door. When i heard him move i would say Lay Down even if he was not geting up just to let him know i was still there. This is not a fast fix this may take a month or more once i was outside his room even when he got out off bed on a bad night i never sat back in his room always standing outside the door. I believe i stood outside the door for about a month after the month off moving each week closer to the door.

He is 3 1/2years now a kiss an small glass off milk b4 bed and he goes to bed him self i sometime get im not tied but never gets out off bed once in there. Good luck

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