mucus plug vs water breaking

Tiffany - posted on 10/25/2009 ( 18 moms have responded )




Hey! I'm 5 days past my due date and all night i've had slight cramps, I went to get into bed and I don't know if my water broke or if I lost my plug. It felt like I had peed and when I went to the bathroom a little bit of clear liquid dripped out. Is this the start of labor????


Sherry - posted on 10/27/2009




Well I know that you've had the baby by now, but the same thing happened to me. Evidently, I lost my plug and I thought I was discharging, so I put on a pantiliner and it got heavier so I called the Dr and my water was leaking out slowly. I'm lucky I didn't get an infection. Good Luck

Ashley - posted on 10/26/2009




if it is your water it wont necessarily keep going. mine didnt. it was one big gush. i was soaked and there was a puddle on the floor and then that was it. it didnt keep going. only some of my water broke. there was still a big sac that needed to be broken once i got to the hospital. they also may not keep you either. i was almost sent home but the only thing that kept me was my blood pressure. sometimes you wont go into labour until 24 hrs after your water has broken. when my water broke i was 4 cm dialated but wasnt feeling contractions. i had to be put on oxytocin to get them going. sounds like your water to of luck

Katherine - posted on 10/27/2009




Yep, that's the water bag. Only a pinprick hole's in the amniotic sac, and it's a slow leak. No problem. Just take your time and stroll on over to the hospital. Don't forget to gorge yourself on food before you get there! They'll starve you once you're in the hospital. Sometimes, if you're unlucky, you'll get b*tchy nurses who won't even let you have ONE popsicle or ONE ice cube. It happened to me, and my lips and mouth were like a cotton ball. My doctor nearly strangled that old lady for doing that to me. He was so mad!

If it's a gush and your belly shrinks, lol, run! The amniotic sac is the last line of defense against the germs from the outside. Since it's a 'lil pinprick hole, no worries. If it was a mucus plug, it'll be clumpy, with little streaks of blood and then that's it.

Anneke - posted on 10/27/2009




With both of my boys, I dribbled. First one felt like the pressure that you have to poop, so I stood up to go to the bathroom and started leaking. I dribbled from 11am until i was in full labour. With the second, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I peed my bed. I dribbled all the way to the bathroom and knew it wasn't pee. We lived over an hr from the hospital, so I went to a walk in clinic and they tested to see if it was the amniotic fluid. It was, so again, I just dribbled for too many hrs! Felt so gross!! lol

You should definately call the dr. The worst thing to do is get in the bathtub. If your water has broken, a bath can be dangerous. As for the mucus plug, you might not even have realized that you lost it. If you are anything like me, you pee throughout the night. Normally, I just go in the dark. You wouldn't notice it then. You don't feel anything when it comes out. Like everyone said, it's like a red, snotty show.

Sounds like things have started for you though! So good luck!!!

Jessica - posted on 10/25/2009




When in doubt call your dr.

When your water breaks its A LOT of fluid (at least it was for me). It will stop if you go sit for a while, but if you stand up again, you should have more leakage. That's what happened to me...I leaked all over the house b/c I was trying to get things together b/c I hadn't gotten a bag ready for hubby & I (the baby's was done). My hubby finally told me to stay on the toilet & just tell him what to pack! LOL!! My tummy also shrank quite a bit in size from all of the fluid leakage.

Best of luck to you!!! I hope you have a good labor!

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Kimberly - posted on 10/28/2009




If you soak more than one sanitary pad in an hour,then chances are it was your water breaking. And in that case,you'd need to call your doctor and hospital.

Lyndsay - posted on 10/27/2009




It might be your water. I was told that sometimes it gushes and sometimes it trickles, depends on the woman. (I was a gusher)

Cristi - posted on 10/26/2009




My water broke at 5am. I was laying in bed and felt a strange tap-like pop inside me. When I got up to go to the bathroom some clear fluid dripped out and I was slightly cramping. It continued to dribble out slowly so I went to the hospital and sure enough my water had broke, my daughter was born 12 hours later. Make sure you go get checked if you think it was your water breaking, it's dangerous for you and baby if you don't deliver within 24 hrs of rupturing your water!

Erin - posted on 10/25/2009




if in doubt...have the doctor check! you don't want your water to be broke for too long cause it can lead to a very serious infection for you and the baby.

Brandy - posted on 10/25/2009




Sounds like your water broke. And the cramps are probably the beginning of your contractions. When my water broke, I thought I peed the bed too, then when I stood up alot more came out but still not that much and it wasn't until 8 hours later that I had the big gush come out of me. If you are not having more prominent contractions in the next few hours, you should go to the hospital because once your water breaks, you are at risk for infections and they like to keep you in the hospital as a precaution and may have to induce if contractions don't pick up.

Carla - posted on 10/25/2009




It sounds like it, my waters never broke during my pregnancy but my mucus plug came away 7 weeks before it was supposed to lol and it was just like little bits of red smeared jelly, so unless u accidentaly wee'd yourself lol you may well be in labour, just keep an eye on things and look out for any cramping and time it too : ) Good Luck

[deleted account]

Your plug will not be "pee like" You either leaked a bit of amniotic fluid(water break) or you actually peed which is not that unusual in the last trimester. If it was your water,it will continue and hopefully contractions will start soon. Good luck!

Katt - posted on 10/25/2009




I would go to the hospital, Thats how it started with my daugher minus the water breaking, If your contractions get stronger or that liquid keeps dripping out and you can't controll it it was definitly your water breaking. If not try taking a hot bath, as hot as you can stand it and see if the pain goes away if it just intensifies it's labour!! Good luck :)

Ashley - posted on 10/25/2009




I'm not 100% sure, but my guess would be yes! When I was losing my mucus plug whenever I went to the bathroom and wiped it looked like snot, not trying to be gross. I was 4 days past due, I had contractions for 2 days & they were just mild contractions & they weren't getting any closer together, so I just went to the hospital to get checked out, they kept me overnight & induced me the next morning, so they broke my water, but it did feel like I peed all over myself. I would go to the hospital just to be on the safe side.

Stevie - posted on 10/25/2009




sounds like your water broke but not just poped open like a water ballon hitting the ground sounds like you have a leak like maybe the water was poked with a needle and its just leaking id call your dr or the hospital and let them know and time when you have these cramps they could be braxtion hicks or contractions with my first i just had really bad cramps that didnt measure on the monitors as either but i had her in 10 min with those so time them and they may or may not me regular mine werent regular until id say they were ganna send me home before my dr checked me and said i was complete and if your water did break even some they will probably intensify a bit keep watching how much and if you are leaking while your in bed but good chance if it hasnt broke all the way it will soonn sometime tonight or in the morning your plug is more like snot if you havent seen any of that then it isnt that and your water is clear unless there is the babies poop in it (which isnt good but i dont think you have anything to worry about with that)

[deleted account]

When my water broke at 2:30 in the morning i thought that I peed my bed, but as I walked to the bathroom it wouldn't stop dribbleing out. If you think that your water has broken you should call your doctor right away!! Hope that was a bit of help =) good luck with everything!!!!

Michelle - posted on 10/25/2009




it could very well be your water, with my 1st child it kinds just leaked out a bit at a time during the day, and with my second it broke. if you are not sure go the doctor and they can check for sure

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