My 16 m/o wont keep milk down please help me can toddlers turn lactose intolerant?

Sarah - posted on 10/16/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




My 16 m/o has never had a prob with milk and all of a sudden if i give her any she throws it bac up she can drink water or eat solids just not milk can a toddler turn lactose intolerant?


Amanda - posted on 10/17/2010




You actually have to be careful with soy and young children, especially boys.. It is a phytoestrogen and alos has quite a few anti-nutrient properties. There are other alternatives to soy and cow's milk. My son could not drink cow's milk, but does fantastic on goat's milk. He really loves it. It is closer to human milk then cow's mik is and is easier to digest. You also have the option of almond, rice or hemp milk.

Ericka - posted on 10/16/2010




cow milk is really tough on a childs stomach and that may be the problem, the 12 month rule is a general average term for when a child is ready to tolerate it. try soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk they tend to be a little more gentle and can be found at any wal mart or target some of the smaller grocery stores may not carry all of them. some are in the refrigerated section and some are shelf stable.

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Kathryn - posted on 10/17/2010




Yes. actually they can. or anyone can in general. When i was younger i had that problem.. i was fine up until i turned 5.. then i couldn't drink milk anymore cause it made me nautious.. but then i got older and it went away.. it could just upset her stomach.. might try a different kind of milk.. like i you use whole vitamin d milk go to 2% or 1% or skim milk. I had to drink skim milk up until i was 7 or so. cause regular milk was just too much for my tummy to handle. or if that still doesn't work go to soy milk.. Then if your stil having issues the only thing you can do is ask the doctor.. if she has become lactose intolerant. then you'll have to figure out what to do.

Sarah - posted on 10/17/2010




Thanx so much every1.. i took her to the hosp and they basically said just try introducing it slowly back to her i think we will just go to soy her dad was lactose intolerant when he was little..

Jessie - posted on 10/16/2010




we didnt know our son was allergic to cows milk until 13 months old. he was breastfed (no other liquid) until 12 months and the cows milk really did a number on him. he also was eating cheese and yogurt before then just fine. and adults can be diagnosed as intolerant so I dont see why a toddler coudln't

Stephanie - posted on 10/16/2010




The fat and bacteria in cheese and yogurt take longer to digest then straight milk which gives the enzymes more time to break down the lactose. It is very common for young children to be lactose intolerant and generally they will grow out of it. Personally I would try soy milk (vanilla tastes better) and see if that helps then later on gradually mix it with regular milk to see if her enzymes have built up enough to tolerate it.

Jessy - posted on 10/16/2010




my son was on soy milk from the time he was born till he was 2yrs old. any time he had regular milk and would come out both ends and was awful. he was able to eat cheese yogurt and stuff but he could not drink regular milk.

Laurie - posted on 10/16/2010




i had a similar problem with my son at around the same age we gave him soy milk till he was 2 and he can still drink cows milk i think some kids have trouble digesting it when they are young if you're worried take her to a doctor

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