My 18 month old bites, hits and pinches when she gets frustrated?

Sammie - posted on 10/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter bites, hits and pinches when she doesnt get her own way. I have tried smacking her on the bottom, biting her back (someone said that would help, but she just started to bite herself) and time out.

She use to only do these things to me, and now she has started to bite her Daddy, Nan, Grandad and a friends 15month old daughter. She bites others anywhere. (eg on the face, arm, leg, foot and she got my on the boob yesterday. AGAIN)

And when I tell it it hurts she laughs. Even when I cry out 'OUCH'

I have no idea what to do?

Please can anyone help me?

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Sammie - posted on 10/29/2009




Rhiannon is a only child. Her vocbulary consistst of ta, thank you, nup, nite nite, good night, see ya, bye bye, Mum Mum, Dad Dad, Nan Nan, Gandad (grandad), rock, piggy, bug and heaps more. So she has a wide range of words.

Thanks for your advice I will start putting it into practice, asap.

Delaina - posted on 10/28/2009




Wondering how she communicates. Does she have a lot of words. Stay down at her level, eye to eye contact. Firm no. Not nice. Time outs do not usually work for toddlers as its not really developmentally appropriate. Biting her back will usually teach her its okay, even though the intentions are good (your trying to teach what pain is felt right?)

My thoughts are to talk to her, tell her no biting, maybe a short why we dont. Toddlers are very selfish creatures. Is she an only child?

Toddlers will continue behaviors when they know they get reactions. So maybe next time try this, i cannot guarantee you will find this helpful.

When she bites, tell her no. Say we dont bite, it hurts people. Give her words she needs if she needs them. "We use our words not our teeth". "I see that your frustrated because _________, explain why she can/cannot have/do that. Give her an alternative. This child is playing with that toy right now, and in 5 minutes will be your turn.

Try it out?! Hopefully it was alittle helpful!

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