My 2 month old baby girl is getting her first round of shots tomorrow. What are the side effects?

Mariana - posted on 11/23/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




My friends have all scared me that shes gonna get a fever afterwards...and that she will be in loads of pain. Is this all true??


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i would defiantly get baby tylenol, and give her however much your dr. says to give her every 4-5 hours or so for the whole day once she gets the shots. chances are that she won' t get a fever, but the places that she gets the shots might feel hard a look reddish for a while. that's what happened to my daughter. she'll most likely be in pain for that whole day, so just give her as much attention as possible, and give her the tylenol like, 30 minutes before a bottle, so it can work into her system. and yes, use an ice cube wrapped in a towel on the shot areas to reduce the swelling. but its not like she is going to be in pain and have a fever for days on end. it'll only be the day of that she gets her shots, and maybe a little into the next day. but other than that, she'll be completely fine. it's very rare that a baby will get a bad fever from getting their vaccinations.

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September - posted on 11/24/2010




I'm sure that every baby reacts differently however our son has never gotten a fever from his shots and he's 2 and has had lots of them. The only side effect he's ever had was a little tenderness in the area of where the shot was given. You could always give her some infant Tylenol if she seems fussy at all afterwards. Good luck! I'm sure she will be fine! :)

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each child reacts differently, but you can give her some of the baby Tylenol to ensure she doesnt spike a temp, if that will make you feel a little more at ease

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its not that bad. its sad to see your baby cry, but like Sahr said, its only for a few minutes. and yes, cranky for a couple days, slight fever, tender area around the shot. she might be tired and sleep lots that afternoon. the doctor/nurse will tell you all about the possible side effects.
my sil cried when her daughter got her first shots, before she had even been poked. but she can be a little dramatic lol

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She will NOT be in loads of pain!!!! The shot area may be tender for a few days after wards so avoid touching/pressing on it. Fevers are a common side effect, but not high. Ask her pediatrician if you can give her Tylenol to prevent a fever after she receives her shots. My son's pediatrician told me to do that. My daughter and my son have never had any side effects from their shots!!
I'm sorry, but your friends need to keep their mouths shut about things that they are going to bring to this extreme!
My son cried during his shots and it lasted for maybe a whole 5 mins! He was more mad then anything.
They would not purposely cause an infant to be in "loads of pain"!!

Relax mommy, your baby girl needs you to be relaxed to help her through getting her first shots. They will probably have you hold her arms down so that she does not hit at the shots and cause anything bad to happen. Just calmly talk to her or sing to her while they are administering the shots. She will do fine, when my children got/get their shots I am more torn up about it then they are.

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The first set is the worst on both the baby and the mom for sure. Not every baby reacts to the shots, my daughter never got a fever from her first set. I recommend that you try and be as relaxed as possible as baby can react to how you are feeling and it will make the receiving of the shot worse. Hope it all goes well and don't let what everyone else you get you all worked up it is over quickly and just be prepared for any reaction that she may have, the nurse or Dr. will inform you as to what you can expect and what to do if it happens. And always ask questions if you have them

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The first shots are the worst. She won't be in a load of pain but she will probably be feverish and tired for the rest of the day. I'd give her baby Tylenol about thirty minutes before it is supposed to happen. You could also bring an icepack or cool wash cloth to numb the area before the shots. She'll turn red and scream for a few minutes. It sucks from a mom's perspective but the next time won't be as bad. They tend to react less after they've had a round or two. I hope this is helpful.

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