my 4 year old is out of control

Sammatha - posted on 01/16/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




ever since she turned 4 its been down hill. She is so sassy to me wont listen, evrytime i tell her no on anything she thinks its funny, she will just give me this face. She will sort of listen to her dad but what is wrong with me does she hate me or something im i doing something wrong now she calls me by my first name instead of mommy and it hurts but i cant get mad becasue she dosent understand that calling me that is bad. i thought this was the calming fours. She basicaly runs the house becasue i dont want to make her mad. Help


Tah - posted on 01/17/2011




Umm...she knows. My son just turned 4 on dec 29th and he tried it, let's just say he tries it less now. He walked up to me and said your name is asetah...I said, my name is mommy to you. He said so and so called you asetah..I told him they call me aunt asetah but my babies call me mommy. He said okay,haven't been called by name since. I was adamant, not mean about it. When he throws his fits or says no, he gets his warning, if he continues he goes in his room, I hear him screaming, it no attention, a few minutes later, he's standing next to me. I ask him if he is finished screaming and ready to use his words...."yes mommy"...and it ends with us talking, not him always getting his way and he gives me a kiss. You have to be stern and consistent. Let her know their are consequences to her actions...but rewards when she behaves.

Sandie - posted on 01/16/2011




what sort of discipline do you enforce? is there something different her dad does to make her listen or is it because its daddy? i remember i went through a stage as a kid of wanting to call my mum and dad by their names, i dont know why, lol...i stopped because unless i said mummy or daddy they would completely ignore me, maybe try that. all kids go through a stage of pushing to see how far they can go (or maybe something in her life has changed lately to make her act differently?) please dont worry that she hates you, your her mummy and even when shes being a pain in the bum and pushing you to the edge remember that she loves you as much as you love her, dont feel down! :)

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Sammatha - posted on 01/17/2011




thanks all your a. dvices are very good and i know that times get tough and least i know im not alone sometimes i wish mother hood was easy but its not and i just got to keep going and never stop loving her even thought she drives me nutsthanks ladies

Danielle - posted on 01/16/2011




Lol I have a sassy one that's four also..she threatened to move out the other day till I packed her bags and put them by the door lol. Your daughter doesn't hate you..she just doesn't respect you. I speak from experience. My daughter started calling me by my first name and I couldn't stand it. I finally just told her I AM MOMMY and from then on if that wasn't how she addressed me then I ignored her. It lasted not even a mnth and I'm Mom again. Don't get me wrong we still have our little issues but since I have found creative ways to handle them they slowly get better. Her thing now is if you tell her she can't have something she'll say don't make me take it. My reply is try it... and since that first time when she called my bluff and spongebob disappeared for a while I've had it alot easier lol. My daughter gets her smart mouth honest lol. Don't be afraid to make her're the adult. I know for a fact that she'll get mad and then stay mad for a while and then as soon as she wants something she'll be fine again.

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