My baby all of a sudden sounds very hoarse?

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He just had his 2 month checkup yesterday and was fine, he slept a lot for the rest of the day yesterday and today I figured from the Tylenol, also he had an upper GI and reflux scan the day before yesterday where he had to swallow Barium. Anyway he was fine yesterday and today but when he started crying this evening on the way home he sounded very hoarse like he was loosing his voice, he has not been overly fussy or crying excessively lately and is in good cheer with no signs of illness (unless you count the tiredness but he did have a rough couple of days with the tests and his needles). We have an air conditioner running in the living room but I keep the bedroom door closed to keep the cats out and like I said he was fine this morning and we have had the air conditioner running all week. I hooked up a cool air humidifier in our bedroom so I am hoping this will help. Any ideas on why my baby sounds hoarse? If he sounds hoarse in the morning I will be calling the doctor for sure but was wondering if any of you have experienced this? Oh and he is breastfed if that makes a difference.


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his throat could be hoarse from the ac. he could have been too cold and sometimes if you are small like that, he's more prone to get it. he could be getting a cold. my son did this at 3 months old. i gave him alfa cf ( half the pill) it is a homeopathic and homeopathic is safe for infants.breastfeeding is good, it helps the baby to get better. breastmilk is also like an antibiotic too.

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I dont think breast feeding makes a difference with this. Sometimes when i get to cool i start to lose my voice. Maybe hes the sameway with the air on. If the air is dry and cool I do it also. i think your on the right track adding the humidifier. i'd see how he is in the morning and call the dr if not better. Good luck

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