MY daughter pulled out the front part of her hair, and its very weak, how do i make it back strong so it will grow and it want be so hard to break off. its really bad, i need help

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Sharleen - posted on 03/25/2009




Hi Sherika! My daughter used to have the same problem when she was younger. She has always had a nice full head of thick hair but it was not as strong as it should be so she would pull it out but since she had so much hair to begin with, it wasn't that easily noticed by others.  I reccomend trying a good leave in conditioner like dark and lovely leave-in  corrective condition therapy.  Also you can use cooking oil but it should be pure olive oil.  How does your daughter wear her hair?  If you want it to grow fast and strong you could try washing it then  using the olive oil and then braiding it. If her hair has been relaxed you should blow dry it before styling it. You can put the dark and lovely therapy condition on her hair after you towell dry it and then blow dry it .This will make it nice and soft and you will notice a huge difference as soon as you put it on her hair. I use these products on my child and on myself too and it really works so I'm sure it should work for you too :) Good Luck!

Erika - posted on 03/25/2009




Ouch! My daughter wore little mitts the majority of the time. Just cuz she would grab her hair and ears and not know to let go. Babies lose their hair as well, so it will grow back when its ready. Good luck!

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