My left breast won't make milk anymore!

Melissa - posted on 07/23/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi, I have a 3 month old son named Nathan and ever since I began breast feeding, he has just NOT liked feeding from my left breast. My right breast just always has seemed to produce more milk than the left so he's frequently fussed and just been less than happy to be at the left breast. Well, basically what has happened is that about 2 months ago while breast feeding, my son chomped his gums down on the tip of my left nipple and it actually began to bleed! Because of this, I chose to feed less on the left breast so it could heal, once the breast healed, things were okay and I was trying to get the milk supply up in that breast, a few times since that injury he's chomped down on the SAME nipple (its as if he is biting down out of frustration that it doesn't produce enough milk) although there's been no more blood, my left breast just doesn't seem to be making any milk and there for it looks almost a full cup size smaller than my right breast that is STILL going strong making breast milk. We've been giving my son soy formula to make up for what he isn't getting and he seems to be doing fine. But now I am worried about my breasts being two different sizes. Once I get the right breast to stop producing milk, does anyone know if my breasts will be even again?


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You'll only be lop-sided while nursing... My breasts are the same again and i only fed off of one side.

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I breastfed gabby for 2 years on one breast. My boobs are even now that i stopped feeding. It was only bigger because of the milk.

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I am having the same issue. I do pump the 'off' breast, but probably not frequently enough. When and if you stopped breast feeding, did the breasts stay asymmetric?

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it is possible to only feed him from one breast and not need to supplement with formula, you just have to put him to that breast more often so your body sends the signal for it to make more milk. if he gets frustrated though maybe try pumping to add the extra stimulation until you are making more milk.

pumping the breast that is no longer making milk should cause it to start making milk again. you would need to pump at least every time your son nurses from the other side. fenugreek is an herb that is very good for increasing milk supply, and i had very good success with a supplement called "more milk plus"

most women who produce significantly more milk in one breast over the other say that they will go back to normal once you stop nursing, but it is possible that they will always be somewhat asymmetrical.

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I agree with Jennifer. Some women are only able to breastfeed from one breast and do not need to supplement. My best friend nursed twins for over a year and each twin had their own breast for that year. I would guess if you stopped supplementing and started nursing him on that side first every time you'll have a good supply of milk in both sides within days. If you don't want to nurse on that side, your body should make enough on your good side (as you keep feeding), but you will be a little lop-sided.

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Maybe try pumping your left breast and only feeding on the right. My daughter prefers my right too. Pretty soon here I want to start pumping so if I need to do something and leave her with my mom or her dad then they will have stuff to feed her with and it will be better.

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