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Sarah - posted on 02/08/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok, so by accident we are all S names so far... Totally NOT on purpose. But, everyone is telling me we have to stick with the S theme... and I can't seem to find names that we both like...
But DO we HAVE to stick with the S? We do plan on having another baby, so this one won't be the only one...

Our names are:
Mommy- Sarah Marie Reppen
Daddy- Seth Thomas Reppen
Daughter- Scarlett Ruth Reppen
Even our Dog- Stella

If we have a girl (we did NOT find out) it will be:
_____________ Rose Reppen
other possibilities for middle names are Debra, Joycelyn, Darnell, or Ann

If we have a boy:
_____________ Milo Reppen
other middle names are Dean, Jerry, Joseph, (my husband likes Thomas, it's his dad's name, but it's his middle name and both of his brothers... I think it's been over-used)

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Allison - posted on 02/08/2010




You totally don't have to stay with the S theme. Go with a name you love! A few suggestions if you do feel inclined to stick with an S name...

Sophia Rose, Seraphina Rose, Sierra Rose, Sadie Rose, Samantha Rose, Samara Rose, Savannah Rose, Skylar Rose, Shayna Rose, Sage Rose... I also like Sloane, just not with middle name Rose.

Sawyer Milo, Sullivan Milo, Silas Milo, Samuel Milo, Sebastian Milo, Spencer Milo, Shane Milo, Sean Milo, Seamus Milo, Simon Milo, Schuyler Milo, Sterling Milo

Good luck!

Deonie - posted on 02/08/2010




for a girls name you could use Sarah, Samantha, Sahara, and for a boy you could use Samuel, Shaun, Spencer. But as Sarah said you don't need to keep with the S theme if you don't want to.

Sarah - posted on 02/08/2010




well you don't have to stick with s names but if you were to only have 1 more child it would look a bit weird... but in saying that its your choice... i sort of have the same dilema my childrens names are emily and thomas now my family say if i were to have another child it would have to be an older style name not like these names where there are 2 names combined to make one...

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