Nasal Aspirators???

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Anybody use those elecric Nasal Aspirators??..Just wondering how effective they are before spending $20 on one. Or what is your advice on helping my 9 month old with her congestion??


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I could never justify spending hte money on one. this is what I do for my son
1. elevate teh head of his bed by putting a towell under the mattress - this helps everything drain south and reduces the chance of ear infections because it reduces the fluid pooling in the back of the throat.
2. humidifyer in the bedroom - helps keep the nasal passages nice and lubricated
3. vicks vapor nightlight - I don't like to use the rub on my son because I am weird about chemicals on his skin - but the nightlight you just insert this vapor pad in and before you know it the whole room smells like vicks!
regular bulb style asperator - the pedicatrician has these by the dozen and gives me one for free every cold season. using a saline nasal spray first to loosen everything up makes it even more effective.
5. Steamy showers!! you can also get these Vicks shower tablets that you drop in and it turns into a steamy Vicks shower! :) plus my son always loved snuggling up to my chest with the hot water beating on his back .
6. Cold and flu bubble bath - I prefer the California Baby brand. it has eucalpytis and other menthol kind of things in it and seems to help with congestion.

okay those are all of my tips and tricks! good luck!

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Hannah just posted everything I use too! :)

I have a friend who spent $20 on an electric nasal aspirator, but she couldn't figure it out. I came over with my little kit (I got the Little Noses kit with the aspirator and saline - around $5) and fixed her baby right up. She returned the electric one the next day :)

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