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Jennifer - posted on 09/08/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




How do I get my 2 year old to go to sleep at night?

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Amanda - posted on 09/09/2010




definitly consider the naps and i do the same bedtime routine with both my son (1) and step daughter (3) and have been everyday since my son was 3 months old. we eat dinner early so they dont have a hugly full belly (around 430) we have a light snack (2 arrowroot cookies and a glass of milk for example.. at 630) baths at 7 (with the nighttime bubble bath) and then after the bath we do the nighttime lotion massage (johnsons products), pjs, brush hair and teeth and by 730 my sons in bed and 8 my step daughter. its done every single night and both have zero problems with it and i dont hear a peep from either till 7am. i would definitly suggest a good routine. :) good luck!

Jessica - posted on 09/09/2010




Yes, routine is a big big help! Also, to go off the naping late thing...I've found with my son that if he sleeps longer than 3 hours or does not nap at all sometimes he's more awake and won't sleep at bedtime....It depends on your child, but he/she may be the same way....

Kathy - posted on 09/09/2010




maybe he's uncomfortable. my son wont sleep in his bed.. woke up all the time. then i got a soft bed cover and a night light.. and he was fine.

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