Nipple Flow and Breastfeeding?

Kelsey - posted on 04/02/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I still breastfeed my daughter, 2 months in the morning and through out the day that her daddy or someone else isn't here. I finally got breastfeeding down to where its not hurting me and frustrating her. We started supplementing formula when I got Mastitis(breast infection) from breastfeeding and I was so sick for two days that I couldn't get out of the bed almost, so my husband gave her formula and told me to not worry about breastfeeding anymore. I'm happy with the decision, feeding isn't all on me and I don't have to have a machine stuck to my boob just so others can feed her. Now to my question... My husband thinks that her nipple flow is too slow, because when we give her her bottle at night and she doesn't drink all six ounces that shes falling asleep cause shes tired of sucking on the slow nipple flow. I think hes crazy, shes used to have to work hard on sucking my from breast and I'm afraid that if we introduce a new nipple flow that she will get frustrated with the breast because she has to work harder and I'm not completely ready to give breastfeeding my baby up. Anyone have an advice or agree with me on this?

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Sarah - posted on 04/02/2010




Sara is right! I breastfed my baby (now 15 months) until she was 6months and that's when she decided to quit. I did go back and forth some... Its nice to have someone else feed your baby every now and then. (especially on date night) The key words being every now and then. If you continue on this path she will have nipple confusion and (like Sara said) prefer the bottle.

Best of luck!

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She will probably begin to prefer the bottle regardless of what nipple you use because bottles are always easier than the breast. When you supplement your body will not make the amount that your baby needs so be careful with supplementing if you want to continue breastfeeding. I think that you're right and that she doesn't need a faster nipple. She may just not want all 6 oz at night. You will know she needs a faster nipple when it starts to take her a really long time to drink her bottle.

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