No AF but still no positive test after 5 days...

Samantha - posted on 01/25/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




With my first I had a positive test the day I was supposed to get AF. I was supposed to get AF on 1/21 and shes a no show. I am pretty sure I may be pregnant but I am yet to get a positive test result. I feel like I should get getting a positive result by now. Has this happened to anybody else?

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Ashley - posted on 01/25/2011




im in the same spot im 13 days late i havent taken a test yet hate the disappointment so waiting a few more days then i will take a test. Good luck to all

Brittany - posted on 01/25/2011




i would go to the doctor,,but i feel the same way its been three weeks and i feel preganat

Samantha - posted on 01/25/2011




Oh I know exactly when I would have conceived haha Jan 9th! I am going to give it till the end of the week then call the Dr to set up a blood test.

AF- Aunt Flo

Katie - posted on 01/25/2011




Same story with me!! Me and my husband are trying and I was supposed to get my period 4 days ago and 3 days ago when I took a test it said negative.
I hope I am pregnant but its frustrating becuz like you with my first I tested positive right away.
Hope we both get the answers we want and soon!! : )

Rachael - posted on 01/25/2011




AF= your period I assume? it has only been 4 days you should wait a week and re-test. If you feel you may be pregnant you should begin treating your body that way (no alcohol, eat right take 400IU of Folic acid or a prenatal vitamin, ect) You can also go to the DR to get a blood test done which is more accurate. When do you think you conceived? Good luck

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