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so i am having issues. my son Breeze is almost 5 months old and he used to be a pretty good sleeper. at first we had a little trouble transitioning him from the bassinette to the crib, but we used a traveling bed in between to get him used to the size, which worked really well. but within the last month, he refused to sleep in his crib during the night. i guess it started in the last month, i was really sick and by myself (without my fiance) and so i kept the baby in bed with me, only for like 2 nights, but now thats the only place he will sleep. we tried letting him do a little self soothing, but he ended up crying for over 2 hours with us checking every ten minutes and i never really believed in the whole crying it out thing, so we stopped that. then we tried getting him ina routine every night: eating food, bath, lotion, read a book, feeding and then putting to bed, but that hasnt worked either (well except if he gets in bed with us) im going crazy because my fiance and i dont get any time without him (as much as i love time with him) and he used to love going to sleep in the crib. but if i let him cry it out feel like he thinks im abandoning him, and it doesnt seem to work. does anyone have advice??


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My daughter used to be like that when she was first born becasue my dad stayed with us and took care of her during the night for like a week. Then that's all she was used to. What I did to make the crib seem like the bed and how soft it was, I took a blanket (a good sized one) and folded it up so it would fit in the crib. I did that for about a month or two and now I have taken the blanket out for the last month or so and it doesn't seem to bother her at all anymore. However, since my crib doesn't have a mattress (it's one of those pack and play things) I still put a thin regular blanket on the top of the thin mattress. I havn't had any problems since. Or maybe try lullaby tapes when you put him in his crib. Or just to get him used to his crib, put him in it with you being in the room or play with him in his crib so he can get used to it again. Let me know if this helps.

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