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I have tried to put my almost 2 month old on a routine, where he was feeding (breastfeeding) everything 3 hrs, I pump as well so he can go from teh bottle of breast milk or my breast) and he is still the same way even after a bottle. and was working out great, but now over the last 2 wks, he wants to be fed every hr, I talked to my peditarican and he said to feed him every 2-3 hrs, try to hold him off, cuz he doesnt want him to gain too much weight to fast, I am trying but its hard, some people have told me about Pablem once at night b4 he goes to sleep, is it too eary to give to him? or does anyone have any other suggestions for me, its hard being a new mom, wow the questions I have, :)


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I can sympathize with you here...haha. I have twins that are now 8 months old but while they were growing at about 2-4 months they'd want to eat constantly as well. (My mom also said that she had similar problems with my brother while he was that young too... so it must be a thing with boys). However, feeding your 2 month old straight pablum at this age isn't a good suggestion. Their bodies aren't made to digest solids at that age, however, try adding the pablum to the breastmilk or even formula. I was doing this up until my little guys were about 6 months when they were able to eat pablum during the day as a solid. Depending on how much your little guy is eating per feed (generally at about 2 months they're eating around 100+ml's (if I remember correctly) you'll want to add about 1tbsp of pablum per 60mls of breastmilk or formula (so you could even do about a a tbsp and a half). Be sure that the milk is really warm or hot before you add the pablum and you'll want to make sure that you shake it very well. This will ensure that it disolves well into the milk. I had my little guys on a schedule where the last two feeds of the night I would do this in their formula (this was also approved by our doc, and our little guys were preemies so it should be great for your little guy).

I hope this helps!


PS...congrats. Also, if you have any other questions, I've been through quite a few with my two little guys, feel free to add me (just make sure that you comment that you're from the young mom's group so that I'm not confused).

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