Please help about castor oil!!

Chandra - posted on 03/03/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I took a cap full of castoroil last night but i have heard that it can make the baby get diarrhea in the womb and kill them? I had nothing from the castor oil but im very worried that what can happen to my baby!! Im 38w6d please help me!! Im very very worried!!

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Tina - posted on 03/06/2012




really not a good idea. I took i was over due with my son and I took it on the advice of my mum. It was a big mistake I would never do it again. I ended up having c section i lost nearly 2 litres of blood was very dehydrated. I doubt I would have ever been able to have natural birth but believe it can make things worse. Please just be patient and talk to your doctor about any concerns.

Brittney - posted on 03/03/2012




caster oil is used to induce labor because Castor oil is a laxative. It is believed that castor oil works to stimulate the bowels. It can lead to cramps and tightening of the muscles in the intestines. These cramps may spread to the uterus, tightening the uterine muscles and stimulating contractions. These contractions may or may not lead to the onset of active labor. The effectiveness of castor oil to encourage the onset of labor is questionable. It is generally considered safe, although there are some who believe that it increases the risk of meconium passage in the infant. It has not been well studied, which is surprising considering how long this old remedy has been in use. It seems to be relatively safe, although there is concern that if it does in fact work to induce labor, does it carry the risks of other methods of induction? (These risks include fetal distress from too strong contractions, increased risk of uterine rupture especially in a scarred uterus, unintentional prematurity of the baby, increased pain level for the mom, and a few other risks). Are the benefits such that the risks are outweighed? I would suggest that any pregnant woman who is considering trying to induce her own labor by this or any other method, including herbs, be sure that her baby is ready to be born. Sometimes there are reasons why labor does not start when we think it should, including a baby that hasn't gotten into a good position to be born from. I also highly recommend that the pregnant woman consult with her prenatal and birth care provider (midwife or doctor) in advance of trying this.

Castor oil has a very unpleasant taste and texture. There are many recipes for disguising this. There is also a commercially prepared emulsified form with a peppermint taste. The recommended dosage for encouraging labor ranges from 1 TBS to 4 OZ, depending on who you talk to about it. Some use a single dose, others repeat the doses. Methods of disguising the taste include mixing it with root beer and ice cream, sucking on an ice cube first, making a slurpy with juice, crushed ice and the castor oil in a blender, adding baking soda, adding vodka, and combinations of all the above. I am not going to give specific recipes or proportions, because I really think that you should talk to your midwife or doctor first, and follow their advice.

If you take castor oil, expect to develop severe diarrhea and cramps when it kicks in. Uterine contractions often follow, and occasionally develop into labor. Hopefully the last of the castor oil will be expelled before the time comes to push out the baby, and the diarrhea won't have made you too sore for comfortable pushing. Bedtime is a common time when people take this, but then you might end up in the bathroom all night, and be tired if labor starts in the daytime. One person I know suggests setting your alarm for 4 in the morning, taking the dose, and then going back to sleep until the cramps start.

Personally, I would have to be pretty desperate to take castor oil. If one of my pregnant ladies really wants to take it, and she is more than 39 weeks pregnant, I will give her the recipe. I have not seen it be very successful. Most of those for whom it works are already 2 - 3 cm dilated and have been having contractions (but not labor) for weeks.

My friend used castor oil and she didn't have any contractions, just diarrhea.

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