scared about going back to work part time

Kaylene - posted on 10/15/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 16 months old and I just applied for a part time job for next year. I really want this job...but it is 4 days a week and I really don't want to miss out on my Son. I am sure that he will be alright, as he will be with his Dad most of the time, but I don't know if I will be. I feel like he is changing so much at the moment and learning new stuff everyday and this is time that I wont get back...but at the same time, I am quite bored at home and would like more of a challenge. Any ideas?


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Melanie - posted on 10/15/2010




i went back to work part time when my son was 6 months old after finishing maternity leave (3 days a week) and i really didnt want to go back mainly due to the fact that i am a single mom so therefore his only parent but on my first day back at work i loved it and realised how much i missed adult company and having to use my brain again!! my little boy is well looked after while i am at work through a combination of family and day care and i make the most of my time with him when we are together and he is absolutely fine. he is almost 2 now and doing really well. dont feel guilty, sometimes it is just something that you have to do.

Jo - posted on 10/15/2010




i have 4 girls aged 6 - 9 mths. when my 3rd was 3 mths i went back to work full time. my girls were looked after mostly by my mum & had 2 days a week at a fantastic childcare centre. after my 4th baby was born, i started looking for part time work when she turned 3 mths. my part time position is 5 days a week, 5 hrs a day. i love the fact that i get to challenge my brain at work & get home & be completley involved in their worlds. i won't consider full time until they are all considerably older. at the moment though, they each get to form great social skills with their time at daycare & they have a very special bond with their grandma.
ultimately, what you do is your choice. 4 days a week part time isn't really all that much, and maybe your son & your hubby would also benefit from the time that they spend together.
good luck with your decision :)

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