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Jerica - posted on 06/02/2012 ( 13 moms have responded )




Ok so my son is almost 8 months old and hes been scooting himself throughout the house and he kinda drags his right leg behind him. i know that he can use it because he pushes against my hand when i push on his right foot. Does anyone else have this kind of issue with your children. if so is it normal.


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Yes normal! My first scooted until 18 months and was walking on her own at 18 months. She started crawling about a week before walking. I've read that delayed crawling or skipping crawling can be bad for their vocabulary development and talking but she's been ahead of the curve in that area.

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It is completely normal. My daughter did an army crawl for a good 2-3 weeks before crawling. My son, scoots himself backwards currently. Other kids I've taken care of would sit on their butts and kick their legs like mad to get across the floor.

Jerica - posted on 06/05/2012




thank you all for you help. He does this kind of " Army Crawl " where he pulls with his arms and hands and pushes with his left leg and now has a little blister on his foot from doing that so much, and all the fronts of his light colored clothes have a stain on the bellies of them LOL. But he has started to push himself up onto his hands and knees every now and then but always flops down to his tummy again after wobbling back and forth for a couple seconds and is starting to try to pull himself up over my legs or whatever happens to be on the floor that is " in his way" .

Lori - posted on 06/05/2012




My daughter never really crawled. She squirmed. She would lay on her back in one spot on the floor and the next time I looked down she was across the room facing the other direction still on her back. Then one day she was up and walking. Maybe your son just hasn't gotten his coordination down yet. He will get the hang of it or move onto the next step and crawling will not seem to matter.

Deanna - posted on 06/05/2012




Each baby gets around differently. My nephew would get around by scooting. It is normal to scoot. Actually, very few children learn to "crawl". They find other ways of getting around. I found crawling was slower than the scooting.

Amanda - posted on 06/04/2012




My daughter never crawled properly. She would sit up pull herself forward using one arm then swing her body through, kinda like a monkey.

♥♪Megan♫♥ - posted on 06/04/2012




My nephew is 10 months and instead of crawling he kinda worm crawls according to my mom. If you have any concerns with what your son is doing though and you're worried he's not meeting other mile stones you should discuss them with your pediatrician

Lynn - posted on 06/04/2012




Neither one of my kids crawled the "normal" way. My son did the "combat crawl"- on his tummy, using his elbows to scoot forward. My daughter sat up, and used both her legs, and her right arm to scoot forward. She would always have a dirty spot on one butt cheek! They both walked at 15 months, and never crawled the way most kids do.

My kids are ten and eight now, and perfectly normal. I would still mention it to your pediatrician, just to be on the safe side, but there are lots of ways to get around, other than the standard method of crawling.

Felicity - posted on 06/04/2012




Hi Jerica,

I agree with the others mums in that it is totally normal. My daughter scooted around on her bit using her arms and one leg to propel herself until about 14 months and then went straight to walking. My son also scooted but used both his legs in front to propel himself forward (I know a big hard to explain) until 10 months when he started walking. Both of my kids learnt to crawl after they walked. So don't stress, it's very normal!!

Happy - posted on 06/03/2012




Normal is just a cycle on the washing machine. It's all good Mama. He's just fine! :)

Tina - posted on 06/03/2012




Yeah it's normal kids find their own way of getting around not always crawling my daughter trying to skip the crawling altogether she pushes up and goes backward she tries to get on her feet. My youngest sitter use to wiggle around everywhere on her bum. If you're sure his legs are fine then I wouldn't worry

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