Should a father who works 9-5pm help with the kids when he gets home?

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Candace - posted on 12/09/2010




Yes he should if not when would mommy ever get time to rest and when would he ever help with the kids? When my hubby gets home I gladly hand the baby over to him and he has no problem taking him. It's a hard job being home with kids all day and just think there isn't a lunch break for mommy. I had to explain that to my hubby he thought that I had all this free time when baby would nap and I had to tell him that's when the housework get's done and dinner gets cooked!

Lady Heather - posted on 12/09/2010




Yes. Hell, my husband works 5:30 to 5:30 and he jumps in with the kid when he gets home. He is the bath guy. He spends all day away from her so he is generally happy to hang out with her for the two hours before she goes to bed.

I don't think it's about who does how much work or whatever - it's just the only time of the day they get to spend with their kids. It makes no sense not to. Why have kids if you aren't going to hang out with them?

Stifler's - posted on 12/08/2010




Yes! Why should I keep the kids out of mischief, wash washing, do dishes, cook, vacuum etc. most of the day and then he gets home and stops work for the day... when do I get to stop? He should help do it and halve the work so we can both have down time instead of him sitting down and me doing dishes and putting babies to bed.

[deleted account]

Of course. He's part of the family too. I can understand not helping occasionally because of an especially hard day at work, but being a parent is a full-time job for BOTH parents. That goes for stay-at-home dads and working moms, too, because that happens sometimes, though not as often.

Amanda - posted on 12/08/2010




Um I don't see why not. If you are staying home all day as well, than why can't he help like you do? My fiance works from 6am until 6pm and he comes home and helps me with dinner and baths, and bedtime. And I usually have 2 or 3 daycare kids on top of our 4 kids. He never complains, unless he's sore, or sick. And thankfully that's rarley. A fathers job is just as important as a mothers, not all of us are supermom, and all need some help sometimes! Give him a few minutes to unwind when he gets home. My fiance usually takes a shower and changes, than comes and helps.

[deleted account]

yes, you work just as hard keeping everything together while hes at work, you need a break too. Bonding between father and child is extremely important too.

Liz - posted on 12/08/2010




Yes absolutely he should help with the children. Not only is it important for you to relax if you're with the children all day for a few minutes, but it's also important to build a relationship with the children.

My husband works from 7:30 to 3:15 everyday with special needs children at the high school in our town, and comes home and helps out with our two and a half year old twins and almost five month old son.

[deleted account]

Yes he should. It's called parenting. My husband works 10-8 so our daughter isn't even awake when he comes home, but she is in the morning and he helps out by feeding her or playing with her while I get a few things done.

Jennifer - posted on 12/08/2010




I would say, definitely yes! Being a mommy is a full-time job, and you don't get a break from that. Why should it be any different for him? My hubby gets up at 4:30am to go to work and doesn't get home until 5:30pm and he still changes the diapers and has his time with our daughter. We agreed that when he gets home, he either takes LO or cooks supper and then I get to take a shower while he takes her. Then he changes all the diapers from then until he goes to work.
The sad thing is, I'm at home with her more, and she's still such a daddy's girl. Lol! She hears his voice and struggles to get to him. She's only three months and won't be satisfied until she's in daddy's arms.
But my point is, being a parent is the hardest (although most rewarding) of all "jobs." I know how hard it is to go to work and want to relax when you get home, but it's his child too.

Medic - posted on 12/08/2010




I couldn't care less what hours they worked they are just as much his kids as yours. My husband works 1430-2300 and its an hour drive away and he is still the one that wakes up with the baby at night and hes the one that gets up at 0545 to get our son on the bus by 0630 then comes back to bed. It has just worked for us that way. We also only go grocery shopping as a family and he does the wash and a good portion of the cleaning. He knows its hard being home with two kids and keeping the house perfect, and atleast he doesn't need that much sleep because I sure do.

Carolyn - posted on 12/08/2010




hell yes. i think sometimes men dont realise just how much work is involved in staying home with kids and maintaining the household. Have him stay home alone for a few days with the kids and all the housework while you leave from 9-5 and see what happens.

parenting should be done by both parents when they are both present. no reason Dad cant help.

Alicia - posted on 12/08/2010




yes, he should still help, give him a few minutes of down time after he gets off work. if you have been with the kids all day then you need some down time too. me and my husband work so when i get home i watch our daughter and give him so time to relax when he gets home, then he starts to watch her so i can relax. everyone needs some down time, even if you were home all day. if you had the kids then you were still working.

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