Soon to be sis in law and mother in law hate you?!

Starr - posted on 03/16/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




My soon to be sister in law and mother in lawtalk crap about me!

My boyfriends sister and I have always been really close, but now for some reason she has basically been being a snoby little girl. I have never been rude to either of them nor have I ever said anything bad about them! My boyfriends cousin has told me he hear the mom talking badly about me and recently I had a mutual friend tell me that the sister has been basically "bragging" to her about how the sister and mom talk down about me. They are both so fake to my face and act like everything is fine, I just can't seem to hold it in anymore. I have had my boyfriend talk to them about this, but it hasn't seemed to stop.

What doI do?!


Danielle - posted on 06/27/2012




Honey i feel your pain! My mother in law has hated me from day one 6 years ago even now that I am married to her son and we are expecting our third child. Literally last week caught her and my sister in law talking crap on me and my husband after I got of the phone with my mother in law who was being sooo nice to me. I just distance my self from then entirely. I dont call, text, facebook. It sucks because you want their acceptance but you will never get it from them if that is how they act. They both need to grow up and act their ages. I just pray I am never like that to my sons wives! Good luck!!

Sheree - posted on 03/17/2010




From my experience it will never stop. I have cut my inlaws out of my life and couldnt be happier since doing it. My daughter also has nothing to do with them and we have no intention of them ever seeing her or knowing her.

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Desiree - posted on 07/10/2012




Same for me Kylie. My mother is HORRIBLE. I'm 22 now & have been with my bf since i was 15. Our daughter is 3 now & she had the nerve to tell my family AND what few friends i have that he's not really the father, that his BEST FRIEND IS! First off, not true in any way. I helped my mother get a 4 bdrm house for all of us... my OWN little family, her & my younger brother... well so much for that, HER name is on the title of the house, mine is nowhere near it even so now my bf is living in a motel after jumping from relative to relative & even living in his car. We tried renting before helping her get the house (under the understanding that he would be living with us) & that went to hell b/c we had a roommate that screwed us (his brother, of all people, go figure). so now both of our renter's history & credit is completely screwed & we're going thru hell to find a new place for the 3 of us. So his family is no picnic either. Well at least not his immediate family. His extended family (aunt, uncles, cousins, gma, etc) are cool & accept me as part of their family. My mom has convinced my whole family that not only am i lying about the father of my child but that he is nothing but a low life p.o.s. I have my spats with his mom & sister & brother & sometimes even his father but I just try to keep my distance & avoid it. I have to bite my tongue often but once we get our own place our immediate family will not be an immediate part of our lives. We argue & fight a lot right now b/c it's so much stress not being able to be together & having to deal with the drama of our immediate family as well as the regular every day struggles of being young parents... We hope, beyond hope that we can find someone willing to give us a chance & rent to us so we can finally get our lives back on track and be able to save up and get married. ♥

Kylie - posted on 06/28/2012




In a way i can relate to this, not with my inlaws as they have always been nice to me and welcomed me into the family with no problem at all. However i can relate to my own mother as she is the mother/mother inlaw FROM HELL, and if you knew her you would understand that that was putting it lightly.

I have been with my partner for 5 years, married for 2 and a half, and my whole family hates him. They where forever causing trouble and trying to brake us up. Things only got worse when we had our son. She tried to do all the parenting for us, and even tried to take us to court for him, they destroyed our wedding, stopped us from getting a rental and found other ways to destroy our life. We had enough and knew if we ever wanted to lead our own life we had to cut them out of it for good. And that what we did. Its been 2 and a half years and its was the best thing we ever did.

My partner put up with so much from my family i dont know why he stuck around, but i sure am glad he did. I hope your situation sorts it self out before it gets as far as ours did. Best of luck :)

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welcome to the joys of in-laws. This will NEVER stop believe me. this is just how it goes...the MIL is mad because you took her little boy away and the SIL is probably just a B****.

I always say I would be MUCH happier if i could move away from my inlaws but i don't want my baby to lose her relationship with her family.

Lindsey - posted on 03/17/2010




my mother in law is the queen of drama - from my experience, its best to ignore it as much as you can. its awesome that your fiance supports you, thats whats most important. you just dont want to fuel any of your future mil/sils rumors or whatever, and have it become an issue between you and your fiance, you know? the longer you let them run their mouths, the deeper theyll bury themselves.. everyone will see what asses they are, and know that youre the bigger, better, more mature person in the situation!

Pam - posted on 03/17/2010




I have the same problem w/ my inlaws. My husbands grandmother doesn't like me, partially b/c I'm not catholic, and part off it is she blames me for a fight my husband had w/ his brother. Since she has made it clear in the family that she doesn't like me the rest of the family follows along.It seems like every time my husband talks to his granny we get into a fight.She even tried to convince him when I told her w were pregnant again that while we were on the cruise that I somehow cheated on him... I was already pregnant We just didn't know it yet. I try to ignore it b/c I don't want to cause drama, and I want the girls to know their fathers side of the family. I just hate family get togethers b/c I know they will be talking about me the next day.

Starr - posted on 03/17/2010




Thanks ladies, my hubby is very much onmy side, He says if they can't accept me they can't be in our life.

Cara - posted on 03/17/2010




Just tell them to kiss you ass. Their is nothing wrong with you telling them they need to stop talking shit. And if your boyfriend isn't on your side, he won't be in the future either. I'm talking from experience here honey. Stand your ground and tell them to stop.

Josslyn - posted on 03/17/2010




Screw em, and tell it to their face in front of your hubby, it's gotta stop sooner or later!! and you the only one who can bring an end to it. Dont take no-ones crap, ifyou very sure this is whats going on you confront them and tell them to keep their opinions to themselves.

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